Multiple Voice Mailboxes

Multiple Voice Mailboxes Offer
Unlimited Possibilities

Voice Mailbox

Create multiple voice mailboxes anytime you need them… As many as you need!

Multiple voice mailboxes help you to grow and expand your business whenever you desire. You can make a new dedicated voice mailbox with just a couple of clicks. Turn it into a message taking or recorded hotline extension, depending on what you need. Power marketers and advertisers love message taking voice mailboxes because a great qualifying sales message is able to convert callers from just a lead into a qualified prospect in just a minute or two.

iTeleCenter multiple voice mailboxes can take messages for individuals, departments, or marketing campaigns to support your business in many ways.

Sets Up in Minutes ● No Hardware to Buy ● No Software to DownloadUse with Any Existing Phone or Line

TeleFriend is a rewards program for non-affiliates who refer others to iTeleCenter.

By referring three other customers who have an equal or better package than yourself, your own service is FREE!

That’s not three new customers every month – just three who subscribe and stay on the service.