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866 vanity toll free numbers allow you to customize your number so that it spells a word or acronym.
For example, if you’re running a pet care business, having a number like 1-866-NYC-MEOW would stick on most people's minds.
866 area code toll free numbers
Look more professional
Having an 866 telephone number makes your business look bigger and more trustworthy to customers – even if you’re running your business from your room.
Make your business look bigger
Appeal to customer nationwide
Using an 866-area code number shows you're ready to serve customers all around the country, opening doors to more potential customers for your business.
Serve customers nationwide
It’s easy to use
A toll-free phone number is as easy to use as your local phone number. And with services like iTeleCenter, you can do more than just calls—send texts, transfer calls, add users, and more.
Easy to use phone system
Easier for your customers to call
With a toll-free number, everyone under the North American Numbering Plan can ring you up for free.
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People are talking

Love the fact that I can use my business number on my personal cell phone. No need for a separate work phone anymore.
Small business owner
For the price of a pizza, I have a dedicated business phone line on my smartphone where I can call, text, and collaborate with my customers and team on the go.
I'm on the field almost 24/7 and with their texting and auto reply text feature, my prospective buyers can quickly learn more about properties that are in the market.
KW Realty
With iTeleCenter, everything is in one place - phone, fax, SMS, conferencing. Adding lines with company growth was easy as well.
chris jackson
Dale Sorensen
It was extremely easy to setup a business line and get started. The best part - no more dropped calls and their support team was really helpful.
Complete Event Planning
Super fast and easy to get a 1-800 number and expand my business all over the US while sitting here in California.

Frequently asked questions

An 866 number is a toll-free phone number in North America, just like 800, 888, and 877 numbers. An 866 phone number is a toll free number that can be dialed without charging the caller.

Yes, 866 is a toll-free area code.

Yes, 866 numbers are toll-free numbers, and they are generally safe. 866 USA area code numbers are mostly used by businesses and organizations.

866 numbers may call for various reasons, including business, automated marketing, healthcare, scams and spams.

Well, not really. Most 866 numbers are legit, assigned by the government for businesses to do their thing. So, no need to worry when you call one.

The ownership of an 866 area code phone number, like other toll-free numbers, typically lies with the business or organization that subscribes to and uses the number. With iTeleCenter, you own the numbers you buy.

The 866 USA area code, like other toll-free area codes (800, 888, 877,855, 844 and 833), is not associated with a specific geographic location. 866 telephone code is a toll-free area code used throughout North America including the United States and Canada.

All you need to have to use an 866 telephone phone number is a smartphone and an internet connection.

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