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Easily transfer your existing business phone number to iTeleCenter. No service interruptions.

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How does it work?
Moving your number to iTeleCenter is super easy, and we will handle most of the steps for you.
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Submit your porting request
Create a porting request on our website and you will receive an email from us.
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Send required information
You need to fill out details and sign a Letter of Authorization so we can start porting out your number.
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Porting date is confirmed
We will notify you of the confirmed date of your port. No service interruptions. Continue using your phone number with your provider up until the port date to iTeleCenter.
3-6 business days
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Port is complete
Our porting team will notify you once your number is ready to be used on iTeleCenter.
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Cancel service with carrier
Now that your numbers are on iTeleCenter, you can cancel your service with the former provider.
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Features built for businesses
Call forwarding
Business texting
Web + mobile apps
Business voicemai
Phone menus
Conference calling
Call transfer
Custom greeting
Call recording
Call blocking
VoIP + Wi-Fi calling
Call analytics

Frequently asked questions

Porting your number to iTeleCenter is free. Just a heads-up, it's a good idea to touch base with your current provider to see if they might charge you with any port-out fees.

Of course! You can use your current phone number until your port date without experiencing any service disruptions.

You can port any US local and toll-free numbers into iTeleCenter from any traditional or virtual carrier.

The whole thing could take anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks, and it really hinges on how quickly we get a response from your current phone service provider. Unfortunately, these timelines are beyond our control and can't be hurried.

Absolutely! You have complete control over your phone number and can port it out of iTeleCenter at any point.

Transfer your phone number for free

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