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Move Your Number Over – Use Your Existing
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Port Phone Number

Good News! You can move your established toll free number to iTeleCenter. By porting your number, you can get all the upgraded benefits of business class service with iTeleCenter's virtual phone system. Plus you don’t have the republish your phone number in the dozens of places it exists, or update customers or clients with a new phone number.

It’s not uncommon to start business with a cell phone or home phone number. But as soon as business gets busy and call volume picks up… there’s no way to manage your calls and serve customers. Transfer your established, advertised number to iTeleCenter for the best solution.

iTeleCenter lets you reroute and forward calls to any of your home, office, or mobile phones while protecting your privacy. Your customers are never inconvenienced when you choose to port your number. Port Your Number Now >>

Sets Up in Minutes ● No Hardware to Buy ● No Software to DownloadUse with Any Existing Phone or Line

TeleFriend is a rewards program for non-affiliates who refer others to iTeleCenter.

By referring three other customers who have an equal or better package than yourself, your own service is FREE!

That’s not three new customers every month – just three who subscribe and stay on the service.