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Phone numbers
Toll free number
Toll-free numbers
Instantly create a national presence for your business and let customers across the nation reach you with ease.
Local numbers
Create a local presence anywhere in the US and connect with your customers by using a local number
1-800 numbers
Give your business a national presence with 800 numbers.
Vanity numbers
Get a custom phone number that's easy to recall.
You own your number
Own your business phone numbers and port them to another carrier at any time.
Text messaging
SMS text messaging
Send, receive and manage text messages directly from your smartphone or computer.
MMS text messaging
Add more personality to your messages. Send images, audio, emojis and more.
Auto reply by text
Automatically respond to unanswered calls with a standard text response when you're busy.
SMS keywords
Create multiple keywords for your phone numbers and make it easy for your prospects or customers to get offers, coupons, etc
Call handling
Call forwarding
Forward incoming calls to multiple people at once to ensure that you never miss out on another important call.
Call transfer
Quickly transfer an incoming call to extensions, phone numbers or voicemail boxes.
Automatic call distribution
Automatically route incoming calls to the best agent or department based on preset conditions.
Call blocking
Stop spammers, telemarketers, robocalls, and other unwanted callers in their tracks.
Call screening and announce
Decide who reaches you. Send low priority callers or callers without caller ID’s straight to voicemail.
Virtual receptionist
Look more professional by having a live virtual receptionist answer and direct all your calls.
Recorded hotlines
Deliver pre-recorded audio interviews, product presentations, service information, office hours and more
Phone extensions
Add extensions to route incoming calls to different departments or employees.
Call recording
Click to record any call or enable auto-recording. Access and playback call records from your mobile or browser.
Call analytics
Monitor all important call metrics like average answer time, number of incoming calls, call duration, number of missed calls, and more.
Web and mobile apps
iOS app
Work from anywhere with your existing smartphone. Calls, messaging, meetings, and more.
Android app
Make and receive calls, send texts, transfer calls, manage and edit users and more.
Web app
Edit users, make calls, send text messages, route calls, and more directly from your web browser.
Advanced voicemail
Business voicemail
Access and manage your voicemails from anywhere. Easily set up and administer across your organization.
Voicemail transcription
Transcribe your voicemail messages into readable messages format and read them on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Look and sound professional
Professional voice studio
Record your greetings or choose our top voice talents and look more established.
Custom greetings
Welcome callers professionally and look established with custom greetings. Keeps your callers engaged while on hold.
Business hours
Send your callers to a voicemail box, phone number or a different menu of options outside of your business hours.
Working remote
conference call
Conference calling
Host conference calls and collaborate with up to 100 participants.
Wi-Fi calling
VoIP + Wi-Fi calling
Make and receive calls using your internet connection.
Virtual fax
Virtual fax
Send and receive faxes from virtually anywhere with an internet connection and a mobile device.
Follow me find me
Follow me find me
Link multiple devices, create custom call forwarding schedules and route business calls to different numbers based on the time of the day.

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