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What is vanity phone number?

A vanity number is a series of numbers that spell out a word or phrase. (Example: 1-800-GETPIZZA or 1-800-555-GOLF).

Additionally, there are vanity phone numbers that consist of a sequence of catchy and easy to recall. (Example, 1-800-999-5000 or 1-800-123-4455).

How to get a vanity phone number
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Use our vanity number search tool or choose from800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888 area codes.
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Custom phone numbers for businesses
They're easy to remember
Vanity numbers have a powerful brand recall making your phone number and business more memorable. If your number is memorable, they wouldn’t even have to scour the internet.
For instance, if you’re running a pet care business, having numbers like 1-833-NYC-WOOF or 1-866-JONS-PUPS would almost always ensure they instantly remember you and your brand.
vanity numbers are easy to remember
See an increase in calls
Big businesses love vanity numbers because they work.
The easier it is to remember, the more calls you'll get. Studies found a 60% better recall rate for vanity numbers compared to generic phone numbers.
vanity number increases calls
Acts as a marketing tool
Have you ever come across businesses printing their phone number and company logo on their vehicles? We’re sure you have. That's because it sticks in people's minds.
Plus, you can assign different vanity numbers to various channels like websites, print, and radio. This way, you'll know which strategies rock and roll for the best advertising results!
vanity numbers double as a marketing tool
Affordable asset for advertising
Despite common misconceptions, vanity numbers are affordable and they’re worth every penny and more.
Use our vanity number lookup tool, make a one-time purchase that reaps the rewards as long as you own it.
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Creates a branded experience
Vanity phone numbers create a more distinctly branded experience.
How much more branded it could get than having a phone number like “1-866-DO-HOUSE” if you’re running an interior designing firm? These numbers make sure your brand is memorable from all aspects – your ads, logo, website, etc.
800 vanity numbers are branded
Go global
It’s the era of virtual phone systems .Use vanity numbers as virtual phone numbers, forward customer service calls to other areas of the globe and deliver seamless customer all day and all night.
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Features that’s built for businesses
Web + mobile apps
Business texting
Call forwarding
Phone extensions
Virtual receptionist
Conference calling
Phone menus
Call recording
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Complete Event Planning
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Frequently asked questions

A vanity number is like having a personalized hotline that spells out something cool or memorable. Check out these 10 creative examples:

  • 1-800-PIZZA-LUV
  • 1-833-GO-BEACH
  • 1-855-BREW-FUN
  • 1-833-YOGA-NOW

Of course. You can get a personalized phone number for your business.

Yes. We would be happy to help you port your existing phone number to iTeleCenter. Our concierge porting service will handle most of the steps for you.

Consider these suggestions before choosing a vanity number:

  • Opt for a word or phrase that highlights your company name or its benefits.
  • Prefer an 833 prefix for a broader range of available options compared to the limited choices in the 800 area codes.
  • Select a number that's easy to spell, avoiding unconventional spellings.
  • Steer clear of hybrid numbers that mix letters and numerals for simplicity.

Is it possible to have more than one vanity number?

Absolutely. You can buy as many vanity toll-free phone numbers as you like. In fact, many of our clients’ sign up for multiple numbers to track their advertising or give a phone number to each employee or department.

If the vanity number you’re searching looking for is unavailable, search for the same with a different prefix like 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888. They are just as good as the vanity phone numbers that start with the prefix 1-800.

  • The best vanity phone numbers are usually easy-to-recall
  • 1800 vanity numbers stand out from the rest of the numbers
  • Toll free vanity number has been shown to drive more traffic
  • See an increases in sales.

Absolutely. You can set up call forwarding from your vanity phone number to one or multiple phone numbers.

Absolutely! Vanity numbers aren't just for calls and faxes—they can also be used for texting.

You can send and receive text messages using long code SMS and two-way text messaging with these catchy numbers. So, go ahead, text away, and let your vanity number do more than just ring.

Yes. Use our vanity number generator tool that lists tens of thousands of available vanity numbers for sale for each prefix. If you want to see who owns a particular toll free or vanity number, check out Who Owns This tool.

You get a vanity phone number(s) free of cost when you sign up for our service.

Of course! Under the FCC rules, the number legally belongs to you.

We’re all ears! Contact our support team and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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