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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are similar to any other phone number, with the exception that they are not tied to one specific phone line.  You can configure your virtual phone number to play a recorded greeting like “Thank you for calling XYZ Corporation, Press 1 for sales, or 2 for support, or simply have all calls forwarded to your mobile phone or computer. The configuration options are endless!    
With a virtual phone number, you can make and receive calls and texts from any device such as your phone, laptop, or desktop. When you make calls, your virtual phone number will display as the caller ID, keeping your mobile phone number private!
A virtual phone number is an ideal solution for small businesses and freelancers that don’t wish to shell out cash on a full-scale phone system. Flexibility at its finest!

Why Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Keep Your Business and Personal Communications Separate

A virtual phone number lets you have a dedicated phone number for your business contacts and a separate one for friends and family use—all from one device. Gone are the days where you need to be stuck to your desk all day long or carry two cell phones!

Cost Savings

Talk about flexibility and cost-effectiveness! Your number is hosted in the cloud, and it can work with your existing cellphone and your employees' cell phones. Say goodbye to messy wires, bulky hardware, expensive line rentals and maintenance!

Professional Appearance

Maintaining a professional image across all your communications is key to business success. When you opt for a virtual phone number, you can create a custom greeting for your clients, letting them know they’ve reached your business, rather than your personal cell—giving you a professional business image.

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Get a Virtual Phone System in 4 easy steps

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Choose a vanity, local, or toll free virtual phone number from our large inventory. Select one that meets your business needs!
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Choose a plan that suits you. No long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.
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Download our mobile apps (iOS/Android) or access iTeleCenter through any browser and have everything at your fingertips. Make and receive calls, texts, and more!

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We'll help you configure your settings and set up your virtual phone number to work exactly the way you want!
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Why Are Over 100,000 Small Businesses Using iTelecenter to Grow?

No Long-Term Contracts
Set Up in Minutes
Exceptional Customer Service
No Software or Hardware Required
Low-Cost Plans
You Own Your Number

A Professional Phone System Built for Organizations of Any Size 

With a virtual phone number from iTeleCenter, manage your business calls and texts seamlessly with these great features:

Business Texting

Business Texting

Business Texting allows you to conveniently send and receive text messages to your customer. Send unlimited text messages about appointments confirmations, updates, specials and so on.


Make it easy for callers to reach the right person at your business. Easily add department & employee extensions in seconds.
Call forwarding

Call forwarding

Forward calls to any mobile phone or computer. Optionally, configure your virtual phone number to ring multiple devices at once to ensure you never miss an important call again!
Custom Greeting

Custom Greeting

A custom greeting will answer all of your calls professionally. Give your small business a larger and more professional appearance.
Voicemail & transcription to text

Voicemail & transcription to text

Save time and convert your voicemails to text so you can read them on your phone, laptop or tablet.
Mobile and Desktop Apps

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Download our mobile and desktop apps and handle business anywhere, anytime: office, home and on the road

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do virtual phone numbers work?

    A virtual number, is not tied to a specific device or phone. You don’t need to invest in land lines and desk phones and be restricted to them.

  • Can I transfer my existing phone number to iTeleCenter?

    Absolutely. We would be glad to port your existing phone number to iTeleCenter. Our concierge porting service will handle most of the steps for you.

  • Is it possible to register multiple virtual phone numbers?

    Yes, you can buy as many virtual phone numbers as needed. In fact, many of our clients' signup for multiple numbers to track their advertising, or to give a phone number to each employee or department. You can add or remove the number at any time!

  • How do I get a virtual phone number?

    Choose a location, area code, or select a toll-free number and find the available virtual phone numbers from our large inventory. Choose a plan that suits you. Once your number is activated, you can start making and receiving calls and texts!

  • Do I need any hardware to use a virtual phone number?

    All you need to have to use a virtual phone number is a smartphone and an internet connection.

  • Who owns the virtual phone number that I purchased?

    You own it 100%. Under the FCC rules, the virtual phone number legally belongs to you.

  • Does your service require a minimum term commitment?

    No, you can cancel your service at any time. Contact us to cancel your service.

  • I have other questions. How can you help?

    If you have additional questions, we’re all ears! Click here to contact our support and sales team.

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