Virtual Phone System

Virtual Phone Systems can Manage
Your Calls

Virtual Phone System

The iTeleCenter virtual phone system is the perfect solution when you need business class phone service and don’t want the hassle of installing phone lines and expensive phone equipment in your home or place of business.

  • Callers are greeted professionally
  • Calls are forwarded to your home, mobile, or any number of choice
    per your schedule
  • Unanswered calls are sent to voicemail
  • New message alerts are sent via email or mobile text
  • Click a link to listen to or read your transcribed messages
  • Calls you make using iTeleCenter protect the privacy of your
    personal numbers

iTeleCenter manages all of your phone traffic for you. That lets you use ANY existing phone line or mobile number to connect to your callers and business!

iTeleCenter virtual phone system offers you the best of business class phone service plus unlimited call capacity. You can easily manage your virtual phone system from any computer or any phone. The best part of your virtual phone system is that you’re able to maintain total privacy of your mobile, home, or office numbers.

Sets Up in Minutes ● No Hardware to Buy ● No Software to DownloadUse with Any Existing Phone or Line

TeleFriend is a rewards program for non-affiliates who refer others to iTeleCenter.

By referring three other customers who have an equal or better package than yourself, your own service is FREE!

That’s not three new customers every month – just three who subscribe and stay on the service.