Virtual voicemail

Handle voicemails on the go. Quickly listen to your voicemail messages from any device or transcribe your messages so that you can read them.

➿ Handle voicemails with ease

Access voicemail messages from anywhere

The voicemail-to-email option gives you access to view and forward recorded voicemail messages anywhere, anytime. Access voicemail messages via any desktop or mobile.

Read your voice messages

With the voicemail-to-text option, read your messages in any order instead of listening to them.

Personalized greetings

Use your own recorded greeting or try our voice studio and sound more professional. Get voice talents recording your business voicemail greetings and messages.

Forward voicemail with ease

Busy and cannot listen to the messages? Receive visual voicemail delivered to your email inbox that you can forward to handle things quickly.

Try all features for free

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and take us for a spin.

🙋 Frequently asked questions

Virtual voicemail is a cloud-based voicemail solution that lets you access and manage your voicemail messages from anywhere with any browser, by email or mobile apps.

You can set up your voicemail to be delivered to your email so that you can return your calls right away, or send them to another colleague to handle.

With iTeleCenter’s virtual voicemail, you receive an email instantly with the audio file attached and voicemail transcription every time you receive a voicemail.

Yes, you can switch on push notifications on our iOS and Android apps so that you get a notification on your phone whenever you receive a new business voicemail.

With our voicemail to email service, you’ll also get email notifications and an MP3 attachment of the voicemail.

That entirely depends on the plan you choose. View our pricing and plans.

When you get an extension for all your employees, they each get a separate virtual voicemail box to customize their greetings and check their own messages.

You can access your voicemails from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

When you purchase a plan from us, we’ll help you set up your email address as the destination for any new voicemail messages. No sweat, you can always change the email address whenever you want.

Of course. You can have someone else record a professional greeting for you or choose our Professional Voice Studio.

Many of our customers choose our voice studio to get professional and quality audio for their business voicemail greeting.

Absolutely. We offer voicemail transcription so that you can easily read your messages and reply on the go.