VoIP + Wi-Fi calling

Start making and receiving calls using your internet connection.

🌐 Call via internet

Handle business from anywhere, anytime

Make and receive calls using your internet connection. Never miss out on another call.

Crystal clear voice quality

VoIP calls are crisp and clear, with no latency issues, lag, or call dropouts.

No reception, no problem

Never worry about poor reception again. Make calls over your internet connection.

Save big

Unlike traditional on-premise phone systems, VoIP calls rely only on your internet connection. It could reduce your phone bill by up to 60%.

Try all features for free

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and take us for a spin.

🙋 Frequently asked questions

All you need to use VoIP or Wi-Fi calling is a smartphone or desktop and a strong internet connection.

We can have your VoIP system up and running in minutes.

Of course! We would be glad to port your existing business number to iTeleCenter. Our concierge porting service will handle most of the steps for you.

There are no additional charges for using these services with our apps. The only cost is a flat monthly fee for the phone service plan.