On hold music

Elevate your callers experience with on-hold music. Use our music options or create your own playlist.

⌚ Make waiting less unpleasant

Retain more callers

Save your calls from being abandoned and elevate your callers experience by using on hold music along with some content in the form of messages.

Deliver helpful information while on hold

Answer FAQs, announce new product launches, give directions and share details about your services. Make your customers feel their time is valued.

Upload your own

You can upload your own audio files for each extension.

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🙋 Frequently asked questions

On hold music is a type of music played to a caller when a call is placed on hold or waits to be answered.

Upload your music file or choose from our selection of hold music. Your on-hold music doesn’t have to be just background music – it can also include messages about offers, upcoming events, information on new products, etc. Hold music keeps callers on the line longer, improves caller's experience, and makes your business look more professional.

Yes, you can customize your music on-hold settings. You can create a playlist that consists of a mix of music and on-hold messages.

We’ve got quite a collection on our side. If you don't like what we’ve got to offer, you can always upload a track of your own and play instead.

Of course. If you have multiple numbers with iTeleCenter, you can have each number play a different on-hold music or information.