SMS keywords

Create multiple keywords for your phone number and make it easy for your customers to receive important messages, offers, coupon codes, etc.

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One text and they get a discount, updates or coupon. Who doesn’t like the sound of it? Quickly grow your list of customers by using relevant keywords and then offering value when they reply with the keyword.

Multiple keywords, multiple results

Create multiple keywords for your phone numbers and make it easy for your prospects or customers to get offers, coupons, etc.

More engagement

People love texting. See an uptick in your engagement and conversion rates.

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🙋 Frequently asked questions

An SMS keyword is a word or phrase that your customers can text to a 10-digit number.

Create a list of codes for your number that will auto-text back a message to the person who texts the code to your number. For example, if you own pizza joint, you can ask your customers to text the keyword "PIZZA4EVA" to 800-333-3456 and get 20% off on their bill.

You can leverage SMS keyword in a number of ways. For instance, you can invite your customers and prospects to text a keyword to,

  • Receive a coupon code for your product or service
  • Get notifications of upcoming events
  • Enter into a giveaway or contest, etc.

Step 1: Choose the keywords, the response to those keywords and register it in our system.

Step 2: Display your keyword on websites, billboards, social media, etc.

Step 3: Whenever someone texts the specific keyword to your number, their phone number will automatically be captured in our system.

Step 4: Have a response automatically sent to people who opt-in via this SMS Keyword feature.