Custom greetings

Welcome callers professionally and look established with custom greetings. Keeps your callers engaged while on hold.

😊 Look more established

Provide information right away

It’s not always possible to promptly answer calls. With customized phone greetings, give the basics about your company and its services right away.

Say goodbye to long wait times

No matter the size, and condition of the business, a custom message helps to portray a professional image amongst the customers.

Keep your callers engaged

Use the queue time to keep your callers engaged by answering FAQ’s such as business hours, special offers,locations or directions to your business.

Get professional greetings

Create highly professional greetings and enhance your company’s image. iTeleCenter's professional voice studio lets you get the help of professional voice actors for your greetings.

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🙋 Frequently asked questions

A custom phone greeting is a recording that plays automatically when your customer calls. It keeps them engaged while they are on hold. By personalizing your messages and greetings, providing clear menu options, and sharing company information, you can deliver a better experience for your customers. For example: “Welcome to Toscano's Pizzeria, please wait while we connect your call” or any message that you want for that matter.

Create a pleasant yet brief recorded greeting with testimonials that support your product, service, or company. Stay relevant by changing your custom greetings periodically depending on the nature of your business.

You can use files of .WAV format. All .WAV files can be uploaded as a custom greeting.

If you’d prefer to have professionals record your phone or voicemail greeting, try iTeleCenter’s Professional Voice Studio.

We have several professional voice actors so you can find the right sound for your business, and we can even record in multiple languages.

Yes, we give you several guidelines for custom greetings and many other greetings as well.