Automatic call distribution

Automatically route incoming calls to the best agent or department based on preset conditions.

😊 Route calls efficiently

Always route calls to the right person

Increase first call resolution by directing calls to the right person or department that’s most suitable to address the customers’ specific needs.

Say goodbye to long wait times

Route inbound calls to the right agent or department in the shortest time possible. Shorter wait times equals happier customers.

Handle inbound calls efficiently

Reduce workload, eliminate manual call transfers and increase productivity. Only route calls specific to their skills, experience, area of expertise and maximize efficiency.

Quickly respond to priority call

Instantly respond to calls that need immediate attention. Connect inbound callers to individuals who can resolve the issue without much delay.

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🙋 Frequently asked questions

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is software that seamlessly routes incoming calls to the best-suited agent or department based on predefined routing rules. With ACD, multiple callers can simultaneously be in a holding queue and be automatically connected to the next available agent in that department or group.

For seamless call handling, ACD routes the call to an agent or department based on customer preference, business hours, call traffic, past interactions, etc.

Interactive voice response (IVR) is an automated software that provides pre-recorded messages and responses to caller queries. In contrast, ACD system quickly routes incoming calls to the best-suited agent or department for a faster resolution.

  • Increases team efficiency
  • Flawless routing of calls
  • Resource optimization
  • Better customer experience

Ring all - Incoming calls go to all your employees simultaneously, and the first one to answer handles the call.

Ring idle - Incoming calls will always go to the employee that’s been the most idle among the lot.

Round robin - Incoming calls will be distributed equally among your team in an orderly manner.