Phone extensions for employees or departments

Add extensions to route incoming calls to different departments or employees.

😊 Easy as 1,2,3 ...

Look and sound professional

Create custom greetings for your clients, letting them know they’ve reached your business. Assign phone extensions to connect multiple office locations, organize teams and look bigger.

Instantly transfer calls

Transfer callers with the press of a button to the employee or department. Allow customers to instantly connect without being put on hold or placing multiple calls.

Customizable phone extensions

Every employee can have their own extension and customize their answering rules, voicemail, on-hold music, etc.

Keeps remote workers connected

Assign extensions to connect multiple office locations, including remote employees and keep everyone in sync no matter where they are.

Give your callers access to information

Set up information only extensions or voicemails extensions. Provide your callers with pre-recorded messages such as addresses, promotions, hours of operation, and so on.

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🙋 Frequently asked questions

Phone extensions allow you to automatically route callers to the department or employee they are looking for.

Make it easy for your callers to reach the right person at your business or setup an extension to deliver pre-recorded information about your office hours, product information, services and other information. (For example - “Press 1 for Sales”, “Press 2 to reach our billing department”, “Press 3 for our office hours”, etc.)

If you already have a business number, our concierge porting service can port your number and add an extension.

If you get a number from iTeleCenter, you just need to pick a number, plan, and we’ll add the extensions you need. Click here If you need help adding extensions.

Yes. Upload or record custom messages to play when the caller dials a specific extension.

Yes. We would be glad to port your existing business number to iTeleCenter. Our concierge porting service can port your number and add an extension if you already have a business number.

It entirely depends on the plan you opt for. View our pricing and plans.

Of course. You can assign phone extensions to remote workers so they can work from wherever they are.