Call transfer

Quickly transfer an incoming call to extensions, phone numbers or voicemail boxes.

😊 Transfer calls seamlessly

Greater efficiency

Easily transfer live calls to another individual and help deliver faster resolutions. Transfer calls with the press of a button.

No one likes waiting

Reduce the customers’ wait time and solve queries faster by directing the call to the right person.

Seamless customer experience

Connecting the caller to the right person quickly creates a more satisfying experience. Immediate resolution equals happy customers.

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🙋 Frequently asked questions

Warm Transfer:

A warm transfer is when you speak with your team member before the call is transferred. Before transferring the call, you can tell the assigned individual about the caller’s issue and other information.

Blind Transfer:

A blind transfer is when you transfer the caller to an extension or team member without speaking to them first. This type of transfer is basically used when speaking to the recipient before transferring an interaction is not mandatory.

You can choose from on-hold music or custom on-hold message. You can customize according to your business needs.

Nope, anyone connected to iTeleCenter can transfer as many calls as needed.

Yes. Everyone connected to iTeleCenter has access to this feature.

You can transfer incoming calls to any extension, department or phone number.

Yes, you can easily transfer calls on any device – smartphone, computer or tablet.