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How to get a free virtual phone number

Get free virtual phone numbers with iTeleCenter

A free virtual phone number is just like any other phone number, but with a twist: it lets you take and make calls from anywhere in the world using the internet.

In this post, we’re going to walk you through how to get your own virtual phone number for free.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual number is like your regular local phone number but its not connected to any SIM-card or physical phone.

It makes use of the internet to make and receive calls from anywhere. You can also forward incoming calls to any cellphone or landline number of your choice.

How to get a free virtual phone number

to get a free virtual phone number

You might be asking..“How can I get a virtual phone number for free?”

When you sign up for iTeleCenter, you can get a free virtual phone number online.

Here’s how to get one in minutes,

Select a number

Go to our number search page, and choose from local or toll-free virtual numbers.

Pick a plan

After you select a free virtual number, choose a plan that works for you or go with our 14-day free trial.

Download apps

Download our mobile apps or access your virtual number from our web app.

You’re almost there

Configure your settings–set up call forwarding, business voicemail greeting, business hours and whatever else you might need. That’s about it!

Why get a virtual phone number?

Keep your personal and work separate

By having a dedicated virtual number, you know which calls are for business and which are not. Trust us, you don’t want to give your personal number to prospects and clients.

Moreover, you can use your free USA virtual phone number on your existing smartphone, just like your regular number.

Have a local presence

With a virtual local phone number, you can establish a local presence in any city you want without having to be physically present there.

Get a local US virtual number, market and connect with local customers.

No extra hardware or equipment

The best part about a virtual phone system is that it does not require any additional hardware or equipment. You can use your free virtual number from your existing smartphone, computer and tablet.

Scale up and down in seconds

Want to add more users as you move forward? Simple.

Scaling a virtual phone system is easy. You can add new users to your existing system from your back office in under 5 minutes.

Features that tag along with your free virtual phone number

Your virtual phone number come with a bunch of features that help business be more productive and efficient.

Free local or toll free number

With iTeleCenter, you have the option to choose a free local or toll free number for your business.

Call forwarding

Don’t miss out on another important calls and potential customers. Forward incoming to a teammate or an external number.

Call routing

Direct calls to the right person every time by setting up call routing

Auto reply by text

Busy and can’t take the call right away? Just set up auto-reply by text when you’re busy.

Business SMS & MMS

Connect with customers instantly. Send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your prospects and customers.

Simultaneous ring

With your free VoIP phone number, you can set it to ring your entire team and never leave another caller waiting.

Voicemail to text

Don’t have time to listen to long voicemails? Have your voicemails converted into texts so you can read your voicemails from anywhere, any time.

Conference calling

Need to collaborate with a bunch of people? Easily dial and add multiple people to a conference call

Web and mobile apps

With iTeleCenter’s free virtual phone number app (web and mobile apps), stay connected no matter where you are.

Best free virtual phone number providers in 2024


iTeleCenter free virtual number app pricing

iTeleCenter is one of the earliest players in the market and has been designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses. With iTeleCenter, you can get a free virtual telephone number in minutes on your existing smartphone.

To get a free virtual phone number for business, simply start a 14 day free trial, download the iTeleCenter app, and you’re all set to text and make calls.

Moreover, with iTeleCenter’s second phone number, you get a ton of features such as,

  • Free virtual local or toll free number
  • Unlimited calling
  • SMS text messaging
  • Call forwarding and routing
  • Business voicemail
  • IOS and Android app
  • Conference calling
  • Call recording
  • Virtual receptionist

.. and many other features


CallHippo free business virtual numbers

CallHippo also offers call analytics and reporting, giving businesses insights to boost customer service. Plus, it’s also easy to scale up or down.

CallHippo also offers a free trial for all of its plans. The downside is that CallHippo’s free plan comes with its limitations and might not have everything a business needs. Plus, you’ll find that some features come with extra costs.


Small business virtual number provider

Grasshopper is a good option for businesses looking for a virtual phone number service. With features like texting, call routing, VoIP and Wi-Fi calls, and even faxing, Grasshopper does a good job providing businesses with the features they want. a punch.

You can choose from their selection of local, vanity, and toll-free numbers. Starting at $26, Grasshopper’s plans are a little on the higher end. Grasshopper is mostly designed for small businesses and might not be the best fit for larger businesses.

And yes, they offer a 7-day free trial that gives you a dedicated number, 100 minutes, and 100 business texts to get started.

Google voice

Get a virtual number with Google Voice

Google Voice is relatively new in the market. They offer free virtual numbers and services for business and personal use.

For freelancers and solo entrepreneurs, the free plan with a personal Google account offers a dedicated business number (free plan comes with a lot of constraints)

For larger businesses, Google Voice has three plans ranging from $10 to $30, with features like voicemail transcription, call recording, and 24/7 customer service.

Get a free virtual phone number with iTeleCenter

Search for free local and toll virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers are a great solution for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses looking to streamline their business communication. With the ability to manage calls, texts, and voicemails from anywhere in the world, virtual numbers are flexible and lets you stay connected on the go.

Looking to get a virtual phone number? Test drive iTeleCenter free for 14 days.

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