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How to get a free business phone number in 2024

How to get a free business phone number

Want to get a free business phone number for your business but don’t know how to get started? If your answer is yes, we’ve got you covered.

A dedicated business phone number is important when you’re starting out your business – it ensures you look more professional and established while keeping our personal number private.

In this post, we will guide you through the steps to get a business phone number for free.  We will also cover the benefits and the best free business phone number providers from which you can get a number.

How to tell if you need a business phone number

Not quite sure if you need a business phone line?

As a small business owner, here are some signs you’re ready for a dedicated business telephone number for your company:

> Don’t want customers to know your personal cell phone number.

> You’re not sure whether an incoming call is personal or business.

> Answering incoming business calls unexpectedly like personal ones.

> You want to route calls to your business line or to other team members.

> You’re no longer a solopreneur and you’re running a small business now.

> You’re looking for additional business phone features like call forwarding, auto reply by text, conference calling, text messaging and more.

The best part is that you don’t need to change your phone number.  If you already have a business number, you can transfer it over to iTeleCenter.

Want a new free business number? No problem, get a local or toll-free phone number with iTeleCenter.

How to get a free business phone number?

Get a free business phone number app in 3 steps

Want to know how get a free phone number? Let us find out how to make that happen.

01. Figure out what you need

First, you’ve got to know why you need that number. Is it for handling customer calls? For marketing? Looking to advertise your business?

There are quite a few business phone number providers like iTeleCenter out there (we’ve covered some of the best free business phone number providers at the end)

Look for something easy to set up and use—nobody’s got time for a complicated system.

02. Choose the type of number you want

Now, it’s time to make a call. Use our free business phone number search tool and choose from local, toll-free, VoIP, vanity phone numbers. Pick the one that suits your business the best.

03. Download our web or mobile app

Once you’ve settled on your free online phone number and purchased a plan with iTeleCenter. You will get your account details via email. Download our web and mobile apps.

04. Set it up and start using

Now comes the best fun part — configuring your system. Set up customized business voicemail, set up call forwarding, auto replies, and virtual receptionist. You’re all set!

Benefits of a free business phone number

Business phone numbers make a difference, no matter what type of business you might be running. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having a free business phone number for business,

Know who’s calling

Answer the phone professionally instead of sending callers to your voicemail for incoming business calls.

(“Hey, it’s Ryan. You know what to do at the beep …)

Work-life balance

With a separate business number, you can keep work calls separate from personal ones, helping you maintain a healthier work-life balance and avoid spam calls during or work calls post business hours.

Save on bills

Communication used to be a big expense for businesses back in the day. But modern systems like VoIP have made it much cheaper. Free business phone numbers help cut down on operational costs big time.

Use your number on multiple devices

Business numbers are super flexible—you can access them from your phone, tablet, computer and more.

Look more professional

Having a business phone number gives your business a more professional look. It’s the main way customers, suppliers and others connect with your business. 

Advanced features

Business phone numbers come with some nice features like call forwarding, call recording, voicemail transcription and much more. These features boost productivity for your team and make customer support smoother.

Multichannel customer support

Business numbers aren’t just for calls anymore—they support video calls, texts and more. This means you can communicate with customers in whatever way works best for them.

Free business phone numbers can be such a game changer when compared to traditional landlines. They’re more cost-effective, flexible and scalable.

What are the 5 types of business phone numbers?

Business phone numbers are not tied to a specific device – meaning they can be used on multiple devices so your team can access the system anytime.

Let’s break down the different types of free business phone numbers in simple terms,

Toll-free numbers

These are the ones that start with the prefix 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888. Customers can call your business for free using these toll free business phone numbers.

800 business phone numbers are great for building a national brand. (You can now own a toll-freenumber and market/advertise your business even if you’re a small business owner)

Toll free number example: 1-800-1234-5566

Local phone numbers

Local phone numbers are usually tied to a specific area. Businesses normally go for local phone numbers to appeal to the local crowd.

Also .. people are more likely to answer calls from local numbers, so they’re good for building trust in the community. However, the only drawback is that local phone numbers may not suit businesses trying to target a nationwide audience.

Vanity numbers

Vanity numbers are personalized phone numbers. They’re extremely easy to remember and can make a big impression on customers.

Vanity number example:

– 1-800-NEWCAR

– 1-833-NYCPIZZA

– 1-866-LAWYER

– 1-888-NEW-ROOM

Virtual phone numbers

Virtual numbers work over the internet and come with sweet phone features like call recording, call forwarding, virtual receptionist, voicemail and much more.

They’re perfect for businesses with remote workers and can be set up and scaled quickly. Learn how to get a virtual phone number for business free here.

International phone numbers

Want to reach and manage customers outside your country? International numbers are the ones for you.

These numbers help you reach customers outside your country. Just add the country code before the number, like +1 for the US. They’re great for expanding your business globally. But .. they might cost a little bit more to manage.

Features that come with your free business phone number

One of the greatest things about having a business phone service is all the awesome features that come along with it. Let’s dive into the top phone features that iTeleCenter customers swear by for their businesses.

Call forwarding: Never miss another call, even if you’re not at the office. iTeleCenter’s call forwarding lets you forward calls to your existing device or an external number.

Custom greetings: Make your own custom greetings for your business or choose one of our pre-recorded ones.

Auto attendants: With auto attendants or virtual receptionist, let your callers decide who they want to talk to with menu options.

Web and mobile apps: Take your business calls on the go with iTeleCenter’s business phone number apps.

Business text messaging: Send texts to customers and team members right from your business number. No need for extra apps — it’s all in one place with iTeleCenter.

Business call routing: Direct calls to the right person or department automatically based on your criteria.

Call conferencing: Dial in and collaborate with your team in HD audio quality. Host up to 100 participants.

Call recording: Keep track of your conversations and interactions and ensure compliance with regulations. You can also choose to switch off call recording.

Online faxing: Send and receive faxes without the need for a pretty clunky fax machine.

Voicemail transcription: Get your business voicemails transcribed and sent to your email or text. No more listening to long messages — just read them on the go.

Virtual business phone numbers: Set up local or toll-free numbers on your existing smartphone or computer. Get a free business phone number that forwards to cell. Perfect for growing businesses or remote teams.

Call blocking: Say goodbye to annoying telemarketers and spam callers with this feature.

Best free business phone number providers (2024)

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner, having a free business phone number can really change how your business is managed.

Here’s a list of the best business phone number providers,

1. iTeleCenter

free business phone number app with iTeleCenter

iTeleCenter has been in the game for a while and it mostly caters to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

You can get yourself a free USA business phone number from anywhere, right on your smartphone, and it only takes a few minutes.

When using iTeleCenter , your personal number remains private, as calls display your iTeleCenter number instead.

Here’s what you get:

  • Free virtual local or toll-free number(s) with every plan
  • Unlimited calling
  • SMS text messaging
  • Call forwarding and routing
  • Business voicemail
  • Voicemail transcription
  • iOS and Android app
  • Free number porting
  • Conference calling
  • Call recording
  • Virtual receptionist


>Does not offer international phone numbers (coming soon).

>Sometimes porting of numbers takes a little longer than expected.

>One-time additional $25 fee for custom phone numbers.


free business phone app is a communication platform that offer a range of services including toll-freee, custom phone numbers, along with some advanced call management and collaboration features.

It provides features like live receptionist, call queuing, call screening, call transfer and customizable call-handling rules.


>Limitations when it comes to international calling options

>Occasional dropped calls or audio quality issues

>Lack of advanced features compared to competitors

>Longer response times and difficulties in resolving technical issues satisfactorily

3. CallHippo

phone number for business free

CallHippo is another business phone number provider in the market. They’re mostly built for support and call center teams. You can choose from virtual, local, toll-free and vanity numbers.

With phone numbers available in around 50 countries, it’s ideal for businesses with global operations.


>Some users have complained about slow response times from CallHippo’s support team, stating that technical issues or inquiries are not addressed promptly.

>Their mobile app has been reported as somewhat clunky, with frequent occurrences of dropped calls and crashes.

>Another concern raised by users, based on reviews from platforms like TrustPilot, is the lack of transparency in CallHippo’s pricing structure, with many users encountering unexpected charges or unclear billing practices.

4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper business phone number

Grasshopper offers a business phone service, making it a good option for businesses needing efficient communication solutions. It covers all the regulars like managing calls, voicemail, and text messages with ease. On top of offering free business phone numbers for iPhone, Grasshopper also comes with phone features such as call routing and voicemail-to-email options.


>Users experienced occasional reliability issues like dropped calls.

>Limited international calling options and a lack of advanced features compared to other virtual phone systems.

>Mixed experiences with customer support, citing delays and difficulties in resolving technical issues.

5. Google Voice

Google business phone number

Google Voice is a good option for small businesses who are looking to make some calls, texts and have some basic phone. It does not come with advanced business phone features.

Free Google business phone numbers are fairly popular among solopreneurs for their privacy protection. Google Voice remains a user-friendly choice, seamlessly integrated with various Google services.

Drawbacks of Google voice:

>Does not offer toll free or vanity phone numbers.

>Only provides a basic level of support. It might be a pain while addressing complex technical issues or urgent concerns.

>Its only accessible in the US and Canada

>No integrations

>Does not offer advanced business phone features.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, with iTeleCenter, you can get a free business phone number (local, toll free, virtual or vanity) on your existing smartphone and computer when you subscribe to one of our plans.

ITeleCenter is one of the leading small business phone number providers in the market. Visit our pricing and plans page to get a free VoIP phone number for your small business in minutes.

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