Wish you could block repeat calls from time wasters?

We’ve all experienced it – that annoying caller who regularly wastes our time. I’m not talking about the occasional wrong number – I’m referring to the repeat callers. Whether they mis-dial or have some issue that we just can’t help them with, it takes our time away from running a business when we stop to answer the phone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to block those calls?

With iTeleCenter, you can! There is a feature that allows you to block calls. You can block ANY number from calling you.  Enter a specific number into your call block list and never again receive a call from them.

You can even block calls from entire area codes. If you do business in a specific area of the state or country and do not want to receive calls from certain areas, simply add the area codes you want to block calls from. And if you do have specific callers within those blocked area codes that you want to connect with, simply add them to the blocked area code exclusion list.

iTeleCenter makes it easy to manage the calls you want and block the calls you don’t!