What’s in a Name? How to Name Your Start-Up

During a business’s early days, one of the most exciting tasks is to find a name for your business. You also need to decide on the web domain you want to register, your logo, and your trademark. In other words, you need to work and build your business identity. You can always pick a name at random – but it is advisable to give it due diligence and spend some time and effort in naming your business.

Following are a few tips to name your start-up:

 Avoid Names with Alternate Spellings

Try not to use a name for your business that has alternate spellings. For example, if you plan to name your business Phaser, there are people who can confuse it with Faser or Fazer. (Google was originally called “googol”). This can create confusion for your brand that might lead to a bad reputation for your business (Google might be an exception).  It can also confuse your potential customers who are looking for your business online.

Involve Family and Friends

You might think this is your business and you do not need to involve your family. Wrong! You never know who can give you the brightest idea about the right business name. Ask your family and friends to think of a name and write it down on a piece of paper. You will be amazed to see the variety of names you get.

Read it Aloud

Once you have decided a name, say that aloud a number of times so that you are sure it sounds right. Remember you have to say your business name a number of times, in meetings, over the phone and in presentations. Just make sure it sounds right before you start using it officially.

Make the Name Personal

Your business is often an extension of your personality. Business names can be personal to reflect this. You can also involve a personal story so that the name becomes easier for customers to remember. For example, Caroline Fielding named her business “Dryven” after the names of her three grandsons: Dean, Bryan and Steven.

Do Not be Too Practical

It’s true that your business name must illustrate what you do, but that does not mean you have to be too practical. Try to be little creative with your business name. After all, your customers remember your business by its name and it’s easier to remember a name that sounds nice and is also related to your business. According to marketing expert Adam Ferrier, “a good name will inspire people, creating energy and opportunity. A bad name will confuse, or limit your business potential.”

But the most important thing is to love your business and its name. No matter how you name it or who helps you in naming it, you must be happy with your business name.

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