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How to make a phone call from a computer (PC or laptop)

How to make a call from a computer

We’ve heard the question “How to make a phone call from a computer” quite a few times ..


You don’t have to rely on your iPhone or Android phone to make business calls anymore. Your Windows or MacOS computer can do the job just as well.

But you might have the question “So, how do I make a phone call from my computer?”

Let’s find out.

iTeleCenter: The best app to make a phone call from your computer

With iTeleCenter, making calls from your Windows or Mac computer is a easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can make and receive calls and texts from your browser.

Plus, importing your contacts in a flash, and with just a click, you’re ready to connect. And here’s the best part: looking to separate work and personal calls? No problem, you’ll be able to do just that.

How to make a call with iTeleCenter in a few steps

How to make a call from your computer - PC or laptop with iTeleCenter

People rave about how easy it is to get started with iTeleCenter. Once you’ve signed up (which only takes a few minutes), making your first call is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Sign up for your free trial. It takes just a few minutes.

2. Choose your US local number or toll-free number. Already have a business number? No worries, you can port your existing number too.

3. Fill out your information and credit card details. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you until after your trial period ends. Also, we’ll even send you a reminder email when your free trial is about to expire.

Making your first call is just as simple:

4. Open our web app and log in to your account (Login details sent to your registered email)

5. Open the dialer and enter the phone number or choose a contact from your list.

6. Hit the call button, and you’re connected! That’s how to make a phone call from a computer easily. No complicated training required.

How exactly does making a phone call from a computer work?

First, you need a fairly decent Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Once that’s sorted, you’ll need to sign up for a VoIP service or a business phone app. These services allow you to make calls using a virtual phone number over the internet.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can either download the service provider’s desktop app or simply log in via a web browser to start making calls. (Make sure you’re connected a microphone and speaker or headset)

Do more than just calling from your computer

Beyond just being a calling tool for your computer, iTeleCenter is a comprehensive business phone system designed for startups, small businesses, and solopreneurs, helping you keep your personal and work lives separate.

Here’s what you get:

  • US local numbers: Establish a local presence for your business in any city in the US.
  • Toll-free numbers: Make your business look more professional.
  • Web and mobile apps: Use iTeleCenter on any mobile device, computer or tablet.
  • Call forwarding: Forward incoming calls to another phone number or multiple numbers simultaneously.
  • Call recording: Useful for reviewing important conversations, training and quality assurance.
  • Auto-reply by text: Caught up with something. Set up auto reply by text to incoming calls.
  • Virtual receptionist: Guide callers to the right department 24/7.
  • Business hours: Enjoy your downtime without interruptions from work calls.
  • Call analytics: Stay informed about your phone activity.

The benefits of making calls from a computer

Here’s why making calls from your computer might also be a good option:

Convenience: If you’re already working on your computer, why switch to your phone for a call? Whether you’re at your local coffee shop or in your home office, it’s easy to make a call directly from your computer.

Cost effectiveness: Making calls from your computer can be cheaper than traditional phone calls. Many VoIP providers offer free calling as part of their affordable plans.

Access to additional features: When you make calls from your computer, you may get extra features like call transcriptions and recordings. For instance, iTeleCenter allows you to record regular audio calls and conference calls, which can be valuable for training and quality assurance purposes.

How to make a phone call from my computer for free?

iTeleCenter offers plans starting at just $19.95 per month, allowing you to make calls and texts from your computer or smartphone to anyone in the US, no matter where you are in the world.

So, how much does it cost?

Let’s talk about the pricing.

While there are plenty of “free phone apps” out there, they often charge you for things like calling minutes or basic features like call routing, call recording and so on. Keep an eye on the add-on charges.

If you’re looking to make a lot of calls on a daily basis then you might be better off with a flat fee style VoIP provider.

How to make a call from a computer using other apps

1. FaceTime

Here’s how you can make a FaceTime call from your computer:

  • Open the FaceTime app on your PC and select the “Audio” tab from the left handd side menu.
  • Enter the name or number of the person you want to call.
  • Next to their contact details, click the phone icon. A menu will pop up asking if you want to use FaceTime audio or call using iPhone. Choose FaceTime Audio.

While FaceTime is popular for audio and video calls on Mac computers, remember that it’s linked to your personal cellphone number. Also, some features require the person you’re calling to have an Apple device as well.

2. Skype

  • Open Skype on your PC or laptop and sign in.
  • Click on the “calls” tab, then select “new call” which is on the left hand side.
  • Enter the name or number of the Skype contact you want to call.
  • Hit the “call” button to start the call.

With Skype, you’re not restricted to a specific device or operating system. However, to receive calls from non-Skype users, you’ll need to buy a local number. Also keep in mind that making calls from your computer is a separate feature that may incur additional costs based on the country or region you’re calling. Also, keep track of your call minutes to avoid extra charges.

3. Google voice

Here’s how you can make a Google Voice call from your computer:

  • Log in to and go to the “calls” tab.
  • Enter the name or phone number of the person you want to call.
  • Confirm your Google Voice number displayed in the “call as” field at the top right, then click on “call”.

While Google Voice offers a free calling option from your computer, many users have reported issues with call quality and lack of customer support. Moreover, if you’re using it for work purposes, Google Voice may not provide the advanced features needed by modern businesses.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, consider going with an iTeleCenter account for a better experience.

Make calls from your computer with iTeleCenter

Sign up for iTeleCenter and make phone call from computer for free

You no longer have to depend on your mobile phone to answer or place calls.

With iTeleCenter, you’re not limited to just making and receiving calls – you can manage all your business communications. From conference calls to call forwarding meetings, SMS/MMS messaging, even virtual receptionist – everything can be managed within a beautifully designed app.

Test drive iTeleCenter for free and see how it can help your business get things done. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can.
The most common questions we get asked “can I make a phone call from my PC”,“how can I make a phone call using my computer”,how to call someone from pc to mobile”. We’ve answered all of them in the article above.

You'll need some sort of a phone call app or a unified communications platform. These tools enable VoIP calls over the internet, eliminating the need for traditional landlines or copper wire connections.

If you want to make a call from your computer Windows 10 then .. Windows 10 includes the "Your phone" app, which allows you to make and receive calls from your PC only when paired with an Android phone.

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