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Picture this: As a business owner in Michigan, you have got everything sorted: You have a great product, a dedicated team, and a plan of action to grow your business. And yet, you lag behind your competitors in the local markets because you don’t own a business phone number with a Michigan area code.

We are sure it isn’t a pretty picture to imagine. Right? That’s how impactful having a local Michigan phone number can be for your business.

Let’s dive into some details on why local phone numbers matter and how your Michigan-based business can benefit from having a Michigan phone number area code.

Why is it important to get local Michigan phone numbers for your business?

  • Improved customer service

    Out-of-state numbers or numbers with different area codes could add to the long-distance charges for your customers, making them hesitant to call and engage with your customer service team.

    Having phone numbers with Michigan area codes will encourage your customers/prospects to engage with your customer service team more frequently, helping you build a stronger relationship, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Credible local presence

    A local phone number is more trusted than phone numbers with different area codes as it ensures the business’s local presence. When potential customers/clients are faced with the dilemma of which business to choose, a local Michigan phone number could become a key factor in their decision-making process.

    For instance, your potential clients in Detroit are more likely to trust your business if you own a Detroit Michigan phone number with a 313 area code.
  • Efficient local advertising

    Displaying a Michigan phone number code on your advertisement campaigns could make your campaigns seem more local and relatable to your audience.

    Whether it is a direct mail campaign or a promotional SMS blast campaign, a local number would resonate more deeply with the community. This could lead to better engagement and conversion rates for your campaigns.

List of Michigan area codes

Now that we have established how important it is to have a Michigan phone number area code for your business, let’s have a look at the Michigan phone number code list and the areas served by them:

area codesAreas served
231It serves most of the southeast parts of Pennsylvania, with Philadelphia being a major city. The 267 and 445 area codes are overlays for the 215 area code.
248The 717 area code acts as an overlay for the 223 area code.
269The 215 and 445 area codes act as an overlay for the 267 area code.
313The 570 area code acts as an overlay for the 272 area code.
517The 412 area code serves Pittsburgh and nearby areas in Allegheny County. The 878 area code acts as an overlay for this Pennsylvania area code. 
586The 215 and 267 area codes are overlays for the 445 area code.
616The 610 and 835 area codes are overlays for the 484 area code.
679The 570 area code serves most of the northeastern regions of Pennsylvania, including the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton cities. 272 is an overlay.
734814 is an overlay for the 582 area code. 
810Serves southeastern regions of Pennsylvania on the outskirts of Philadelphia, including Lehigh Valley. PS – It does not serve some areas of Bucks County and Montgomery County.
906The 717 area code serves most of the south-central regions of Pennsylvania, including major cities like York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster.
947Serves regions of western Pennsylvania, excluding Wexford, Gibsonia, Tarentum, some areas of Monroeville, and some areas of southern Allegheny County. 878 is an overlay for this area code.
989Serves parts of northwestern and central Pennsylvania, including the city of Erie. 582 is the overlay code.

How to get a Michigan phone number for your business?

Now, let’s come to the question of the hour. With iTeleCenter, you can easily get a phone number with a Michigan phone code in less than 5 minutes. Here’s how:

  • Step 1 – Visit the iTeleCenter website
  • Step 2 – Select your desired area code from the list of Michigan area codes.
  • Step 3 – Sign up by selecting your preferred plan and entering your contact information.  
  • Step 4 – Download the iTeleCenter app on your device.
  • Step 5 – Login using your account information sent over to your email inbox.

You are all set to start using your Michigan phone number to connect with your customers and for other business operations.

How can businesses benefit from having local Michigan phone numbers?

Retail and E-commerce

Retail and E-commerce businesses need a more localized approach to targeting the right customers.

The businesses in these sectors from the busy markets of Detroit to the quaint shops in Flint can significantly benefit from local phone numbers. 

For instance, your retail store in Detroit with a Detroit Michigan phone number (313 area code) can make it seem more approachable and trustworthy to local shoppers. Similarly, an e-commerce business targeting customers in Ann Arbor with a 734 area code number can create a localized customer service experience.

This localized approach can enhance customer trust, improve customer service, and increase customer retention rates.


Established healthcare institutions like the University of Michigan Health System in the Ann Arbor region of the state make Michigan a hub for the healthcare industry in the country. If you are a healthcare provider in the state, a local state of Michigan phone number could increase your accessibility to the patients, and assure them that the required medical help is just around the corner.

For instance, a clinic using the 734 area code phone number could build a rapport with the patients in Ann Arbor city, making it a viable option for patients to book consultations and appointments.


Cities such as Detroit and Flint contribute largely to the U.S.’s manufacturing industry, particularly in automotive. In these regions, local Michigan phone numbers facilitate smoother communication with suppliers and customers.

For instance, a local auto parts supplier can better serve Flint-based car manufacturers by providing timely updates and support through a Flint Michigan area code phone number. This proximity and local presence can streamline supply chain operations and improve customer service, ultimately enhancing business operations.

Besides the above, several other industries/sectors like real estate, IT, tourism, hospitality, etc. thrive in the state of Michigan. Local phone numbers help you leverage the state’s geographical significance and economic diversity in reaping benefits in all these industries.

Why get a local Michigan phone number with iTeleCenter?

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And much more.

Here’s a list of Michigan phone number area codes














Frequently asked questions

When you register with iTeleCenter, you get one free Michigan phone number for 14 days. You can otherwise choose a phone number with any other local U.S. phone code.

Michigan phone numbers are the ones that start with any one of the following 13 Michigan area codes: 231, 248, 269, 313, 517, 586, 616, 679, 734, 810, 906, 947, 989

The area code 313 serves the Detroit city in Michigan.

The area code 248 serves Oakland County and a few areas of Wayne County.

Here’s an example of a Michigan phone number: +1 248 383 4450

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