How to get a VoIP number for business

VoIP number for business

What is a VoIP number? How do I get a VoIP number? How much does a VoIP phone number cost? How do I get a free business VoIP number?

Stick around .. and we’ll walk you through VoIP numbers in just a few quick steps. From choosing a VoIP phone number to finding a provider, we’ll show you how it’s done.

What is a VoIP number?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) number is just a virtual phone number. You can use it just like a regular number.

The difference is that VoIP numbers make use of the internet, and they are not tied to a particular device or location. You can make and receive calls from your VoIP number from anywhere via a phone app.

How does a VoIP phone number work?

In simple terms, VoIP works by placing calls over the internet, skipping the old route of going through your local phone company. Instead of being tied down to traditional phone lines, VoIP makes use of your broadband connection to find the quickest way to send your call through.

With a VoIP phone service, you can say goodbye to old school phone lines for both home and work. All you really need is a steady internet connection and a phone or computer that’s signed into your VoIP account.

How do I get a VoIP number?

How can I get a VoIP number?

1. Choose a VoIP service provider like iTeleCenter.

2. Choose a local or toll-free VoIP number.

3. Pick a VoIP plan that has all the features and sign up.

4. Download the mobile app, configure your settings and start using your business VoIP number!

How to switch to a VoIP telephone number with iTeleCenter?

Using a VoIP or traditional number? Doesn’t matter, transferring your existing number to a virtual number with iTeleCenter is simple,

Here’s what you need to do:

Gather info: You’ll need a signed letter of authorization, your contact details, how you’ll pay, and info about your current number. (Not sure how to? No worries, our support team will help you sort this out)

Notify your provider: Let your current service know that you’re looking to make the switch.

Request number porting: Hop on to our number porting and submit your request to switch your number to us.

Hang on tight: It’ll take about 3-7 days. Keep your current number and service running during this time, so you don’t lose your number. There will be no service disruptions during the port.

Welcome to iTeleCenter: Once the porting is complete, you can cancel with your provider and start using your business VoIP number with iTeleCenter.

Types of VoIP phone numbers

Let’s look at the different VoIP phone numbers you can choose for your business:

Local phone numbers: These numbers let you pick a specific country and area code, making your business feel like its next door to your customers.

It’s all about giving your business a local feel, no matter where you’re based.

Toll free numbers: Ever seen those 1-800, 855, 866 or 888 numbers? They’re toll-free, meaning customers can call them without a charge. Instead, your business covers the cost, making it super easy for customers to reach out.

International phone numbers: Thinking of going global? With VoIP, you can get phone numbers from countries outside your own.

This way, your business can have a worldwide presence, even without having a physical presence there.

Vanity phone numbers: Want a number that sticks in people’s minds?

Vanity numbers let you customize (numbers) with catchy phrases or words relevant to your brand, alongside the usual prefixes. They’re perfect for boosting your brand’s memorability.

Example: 1-800-GETHOME, 1-866-NYC-PIZZA

Differences between VoIP numbers and landline

Let’s see about how VoIP numbers stacks up against traditional landlines,

Cost: VoIP wins when hands down. All it needs is Wi-Fi or an internet connection whereas landlines require pricey hardware. You can forget about the hefty setup and maintenance costs of a traditional phone system. With the best business VoIP phone service, you’re looking at a simple small monthly fee, which comes along with a bunch of features like call forwarding, message handling, and even call recording.

Flexibility: USA VoIP numbers are the literal definition of being flexible. They aren’t stuck to one device or location. You could have your team spread out across different offices, or even working remotely and still use the same phone number everywhere. Setting up a new team member is super easy too. Just add a new number or download the app, and you’re good to go.

International calling without high costs: If your business requires international calling, landlines can burn a hold in your wallet with their high international call rates. A business VoIP phone is the wiser option here, offering a much more wallet-friendly rates for those long-distance chats.

Scaling up and down: Ever tried expanding a landline system? It’s straight up a nightmare with all the wires and physical setup. VoIP, on the other hand, grows with your business smoothly. You can scale up and down in minutes.

Why should I get a VoIP number?

A VoIP phone system is packed with perks you won’t get from traditional phone services. From cost savings and phone features to call quality and service, here are a few reasons to get a VoIP phone number.

Easy on your wallet

VoIP numbers let you make and receive calls over your internet connection, ditching the need for traditional phone lines.

This basically can cut down on your costs. Even with a monthly service fee, you still end up paying at least 50% less than you would with an old school traditional phone system.

The best part about VoIP? Your monthly payment comes with a bunch of business phone features like auto-attendant, call queuing, SMS texting, call forwarding, and easy conference calls.

Moreover with iTeleCenter, you can even get a toll-free number along with your VoIP plan.

Local business presence

A VoIP phone number lets your business establish a local presence in any country or neighborhood even if you don’t have a physical office located there.

Unlike traditional phones, you can choose an area code for your VoIP number outside of the city or state that you’re located in. You can make calls to an area code of your choosing and not get charged for a long-distance call.

You can easily market/advertise and reach local customers wherever you are.

Flexibility at its finest

VoIP phone system brings a whole new meaning to flexibility. Gone are the days when adding more phones numbers/lines to your network meant a complicated and limited process.

With VoIP, your only limit is your internet bandwidth, which means you can easily handle loads of calls across various devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc)


VoIP numbers really take the top position when it comes to easily moving around. Unlike traditional phone systems that are stuck in one place, VoIP numbers are not tied to a specific location and travel with you.

This is super handy for keeping your team connected, no matter where they are located. And if your business is on the move? No problem.

Your VoIP number stays the same, so there’s no headache of changing your contact info everywhere. Plus, scaling your business or setting up a new spot is super simple. Adding more VoIP numbers is easy and doesn’t involve wrestling with phone carriers and complicated equipment.

Use it on multiple devices

The best part about VoIP is that you can use it on pretty much any device and take your number wherever you go. It’s tied to you, not a place.

So, whether you’re logging in from your home laptop, work computer, or your smartphone, your business VoIP number goes with you.

You can even set it up so calls get forwarded to different numbers if you want. And the customization doesn’t stop just there.

Want all your sales team’s phones to ring when a call comes in? Easy. You decide how calls get routed, making sure you never miss a beat.

This flexibility to hop between devices with just one number? No wonder businesses have been making the switch to VoIP.

Quick and easy setup

Setting up a VoIP number for business is extremely simple and easy, really. Choose a number, sign up and start using it to make calls and texts in less than an hour. That’s how easy it is to get started.

Get a VoIP number for your business with iTeleCenter

Get a VoIP phone numbers for business with iTeleCenter

Looking to get a VoIP business phone number? With iTeleCenter, it takes only just a few minutes to choose a VoIP and get started!

Get a VoIP number here

Frequently asked questions

Check out our pricing and plans page to get a better idea.

Yes, iTeleCenter lets you bring over your existing phone numbers from your current provider.

Most definitely. VoIP is cheaper, simpler to set up, and comes with cool features like IVR, virtual receptionists, SMS, and more.

You can get a free VoIP number (local or toll free) when you sign up for our service.

You can make use of a reverse phone number lookup tool to trace a number. If that doesn't work, you can set up call screening and screen your calls to see the caller ID and IP address. Want to look up VoIP numbers, then check out IPQualityScore.

Of course. You can send and receive text messages from your VoIP phone number as long as your provider offers SMS and MMS texting.

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