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How to Call Australia from the US in 2024

How to call Australia from the US, Australia’s country code, time zone and more

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about how to call Australia from the US, but didn’t know how to go about it then you’re in the right spot.

Whether you’re trying to catch up with friends down there, trying to call someone regarding business or just want to say helloto someone special, understanding the tiny little details of international calling is key.

It all starts with getting familiar with the Australia country code, which is +61.

We’re going to walk you through every step of the way – from the very basics of dialing out of the US to understanding the best times to call based on Australia’s various time zones.

 Plus, we’ve got some great tips to help you cut down on costs, so you can talk longer for less. Let’s get started and find out how to call Australia from the US, Australia’s area codes, time zones and more.

How to call an Australian mobile number from the US

Let’s break it down into easy steps so you can make that call with confidence. Here’s how to make a call to Australian mobile number from the US.

1. Start with the exit code (011)

Every international call starts off with an exit code – for the US, that’s “011” or the “+’ symbol if you’re using a smartphone. You can think of it as the key that unlocks the door to dialing out of the country.

2. Enter Australia’s country code (61)

Next up, you’ll need the country code for Australia, which is “61”. This lets the phone system know which country you’re aiming to call or reach.

3. Drop the leading zero

All Aussie mobiles start with ’04’, but here’s the thing – when you’re calling from overseas, you don’t need to add the first ‘0’.

4. Dial the rest of the number

Now, dial the rest of the mobile number that you want to call as it is. Australian mobile numbers typically have 8 digits after the leading zero.

So, let’s say the Australian mobile number you want to call is 2345-6789, you would need to dial +61-4-2345-6789.

  • Australia’s country code: +61
  • Skip the leading zero and dial the common area code: 4
  • Local sample phone number: 2345-6789
  • Put it all together, and you dial: +61-4-2345-6789

And there you have it – you’re all set to make that call to an Australian mobile from the US.

How to call a landline in Australia from the US

Want to call a landline number from the USA? Here’s your simple guide to calling an Australian landline from the United States:

1. Begin with the exit code

First, you need to let your phone service know you’re dialing outside the US. To do this, enter the exit code “011”.

2. Dial Australia’s country code

Next, add “61” to your dialing sequence. This is Australia’s country code and it directs your call to the aussie land.

3. Include the area code

Just like in the US, every Australian landline number begins with an area code. And when you’re calling from abroad, remember to drop the leading zero from the area code when making an international call.

Just match the location with the right area code from the list below to make a call.

Australian cityArea code
Coffs Harbour2
Gold coast7
Alice Springs8
Bunbury 8
Darwin 8

4. Finish with the local phone number

Finally, dial the local landline number you’re trying to reach. Australian landline numbers typically have eight digits.

So, if you’re calling a Sydney landline number and the number you have is (2) 1268-5566, here’s how you break it down:

  • Dial 011 (or “+”) to start your international call from the US
  • Add 61 to reach Australia
  • Then, dial 2, which is the area code for Sydney minus its leading zero
  • Finish by dialing the local number: 1268 5566

All together the final result: 011-61-2-1268-5566 or +61-2-1268-5566

And there you go. You’re all set to make that call to an Australian landline from the US.

Australia’s time zones

Not that your question “How to call Australia from the US” has been answered. Let’s take a look at Australia’s time zones. Here are Australia’s time zones,

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

UTC+10:00 – Here we have Sydney in New South Wales, Brisbane in Queensland, Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory, Melbourne in Victoria, and Hobart in Tasmania.

Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

UTC+11:00 – during daylight saving. Again, catch up with Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Hobart, all enjoying an extra hour of evening sunlight.

Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)

UTC+09:30 – Adelaide in South Australia and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory are chilling here.

Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT)

UTC+10:30 – when the clocks roll forward. Adelaide sticks around to enjoy the longer days.

Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)

UTC+08:00 – Perth in Western Australia calls this time zone home.

Lord Howe Standard Time (LHST)

UTC+10:30 – The tiny,beautiful Howe Island lives by this time.

Norfolk Island Standard Time (NFT)

UTC+11:00 – Norfolk Island, a speck of paradise, follows this time.

Some places in Australia change their clocks for daylight saving, adding an hour of sunlight in the evenings during summer. Always good to double check if you’re planning a make a call or a visit.

How much does it cost to call Australia?

Picking the right plan can really help keep your costs in check. Take a look at what some well-known services might charge you. Prices can differ, especially between calling landlines or mobile phones,

  • AT&T sticks to a simple rate: $3.64 a minute whether you’re calling a landline or mobile.
  • Boost Mobile offers a more wallet-friendly option at 25 cents a minute for both types of calls.
  • Page Plus is also on the cheaper side, with calls to landlines at 6 cents and mobiles at 36 cents a minute.
  • Sprint has a slightly higher rate for mobiles ($3.68) compared to landlines ($3.48).
  • US Cellular keeps it even at $3.22 a minute for both.
  • Verizon offers calls to landlines at 7 cents and to mobiles at 23 cents a minute.
  • Virgin Mobile might make you pause with rates up to $5 a minute to landlines and $4 to mobiles.

These rates give you an idea, but it’s always good to check the latest prices, as prices keep changing.

How can I call Australia for free?

You can call the Aussie land without spending a dollar, just make sure both you and the person in Australia have it installed and an internet connection.

  • WhatsApp: Make voice and video calls over the internet.
  • Skype: Skype allows free calls to other Skype users, no matter you are in the world. You can also do video calls,
  • Facebook Messenger: If you’re both on Facebook, Messenger is a good one for voice and video calls.
  • FaceTime: If you and your Aussie recipient both have Apple devices, FaceTime is the way to go for a quick and seamless video call experience.
  • Google Duo/Hangouts: Simple video calling and Hangouts for voice or video chats.

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Frequently asked questions

In a nutshell, to call Australia from your US cell phone, just follow these simple steps:

  • Start with the US exit code (011) or “+”
  • Add Australia's country code (61)
  • Dial the Australian phone number (including the area code without the first zero)

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