How recruiters save 40+ hours with power dialing

Power dialer software

Do you or your recruiters make outbound calls?

Perfect, then this is for you.

Ever considered power dialing?

Do you know how many hours your recruiters spend each week manually dialing numbers?

Dialing numbers one after the other, waiting to connect, and listening to voicemail messages = hours wasted each week.

Now imagine If you and your recruiters could save all those extra hours each week. With the best power dialer software, it could be a gamechanger.

In this article, we will talk about power dialer software, how it works, and how it can help recruiters drastically improve their efficiency and connect with more candidates.

What is a power dialer?

Apower dialer is a telephony technology that automatically dials selected contacts one number after another without manual effort.

Power dialing makes your recruiters more efficient. Your recruiters won’t be wasting time manually dialing numbers—the software does it for them.

How does a power dialer work?

When a power dialer reaches a number that’s busy, disconnected or unattended, it will automatically call the next number in the queue. When a candidate answers the phone, the power dialer immediately connects the call to your recruiters.

Recruiters don’t have to go back and forth between their phone and contact list.

Moreover, power dialers can be connected to your ATS. When a call is connected, the ATS will pull up the candidate’s information, giving you a brief background and personal details.

Benefits of power dialing

Productivity goes up

It’s no doubt that a power dialer can improve a recruiter’s overall productivity.

The software automatically dials the chosen numbers in the queue and connects the call only when a candidate picks up the call.

Save hours each week

Do you know how many hours recruiters’ spend each week on manual dialing?

You don’t have to wait or dial numbers manually because the process is automated. Using apower dialer saves you several minutes per call and allows each recruiter to make up to 100 calls per hour.

More calls, more conversations

A power dialer can help streamline your calling efforts and empower your recruiters to connect with more candidates, more quickly. More calls, more candidate conversations and more placements.

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