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How to get a second phone number for business without SIM

Second phone number for business

You might be wondering: “How do I get a second phone number for work?”

With iTeleCenter, it’s easy to add a second phone number for business on your existing smartphone and keep your personal number private.

So, let’s find out why having a separate phone number for business is necessary and how it can make a difference in your professional life. We’ll also cover how to get a second number, its features and more.

How to add a second phone number to your existing phone in minutes

add a second phone number app to your phone

Here’s a step-by-step process to get a second phone number with iTeleCenter,

1. Sign Up with iTeleCenter

2. Choose from toll free, local, or vanity numbers.

3. Download the iTeleCenter app from the App store or Play store

4. Configure your settings, and start making and receicing calls and texts on your phone, laptop or tablets.

Types of second phone numbers

You might be wondering “So, what type of secondary phone numbers can I get?”

Find the best phone number types for your personal or work secondary phone number.

Local phone numbers

Establish your business in one or multiple local area with a secondary phone number. Remember, customers are likely to call and pick up more calls area codes they’re more familiar with. Connect better with local customers with a local area code phone number.

Toll free numbers

Get toll-free phone numbers to advertise and attract customers from all over the nation. Let your customer call you for free. Make your business phone a hotline with an easy to recall toll free number.

Vanity numbers

Go for virtual vanity numbers if you want your customers to remember easily and advertise your business.

(For example: 1-800-BOOK-SPA, 1-888-GET-LOAN, etc)

Why get a second phone number?

Getting a second phone number helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Here are a few reasons why you should get a second phone number for your business,

1. Keep your personal time away from work

As a business owner, you can develop relationships with clients. But this can also lead to receiving messages and calls outside of work hours.

With a second phone number, you can redirect your business calls to an after-hours greeting or a custom voicemail when you’re off the clock.

2. Know if an incoming call is work or personal

A second number helps you instantly identify if an incoming call is work related or personal, no more guessing games. When the phone rings, you will know whether the call is for work or person and you can answer the call accordingly.

3. Works on all devices

With a second business phone number, you can take your work calls on any device, and from wherever you are.

Whether it’s your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you’re all set. With this kind of flexibility, missing a call from a customer or potential client is a thing of the past.

4. Keep your personal number private from clients

Clients don’t need to know your personal phone number, email or address. It’s never a good idea to mix work and personal.

Get a 2nd phone number for work on your existing phone and keep your personal number for friends and family.

5. Minimize the risk of data breaches

Sharing your personal number on third party sites increases the risk of it being compromised in the case of a data breach. A business phone number adds a layer of security.

Data breaches and websites selling users information have become fairly common, you don’t want your personal number out there.

6. Safely sell products or services online

For those who sell on platforms like Craigslist or Etsy, a second number protects your personal information while allowing you to communicate with buyers.

7. Manage customers professionally

Listing a business phone number on your site lets potential clients contact.

You shouldn’t be listing your personal cellphone number on the web. Use your business phone number to answer customer requests and sales calls.

VoIP features that tag along with your secondary phone number

Your second phone number comes with a ton of features that help your business be more productive and efficient.

Call forwarding

Don’t miss out on important calls. Forward incoming to a teammate or an external phone number.

Business SMS texting

Get more replies and callbacks with SMS and MMS texting.

Call blocking

Detect and block robocalls, telemarketers, and other potential spam calls.


Busy or in a meeting? Send automated text replies to any missed calls or messages.

Business voicemail greeting

Record a custom business greeting so people can leave a message after the beep.

Number porting

Already have a second phone line? Transfer it over to iTeleCenter for free.

Call routing

Direct calls to the right person every time by setting up routing rules.

Simultaneous ring

From your second phone number, you can set it to ring your entire team or another. Never leave another caller waiting.

Voicemail to text

Don’t have time to listen to long voicemails? Convert your voicemails into text format so you can read your voicemails from anywhere, any time.

Conference calling

Need to collaborate with a bunch of people? Add multiple people to a conference call

Web and mobile apps

With iTeleCenter’s second phone number app (web and mobile apps), stay connected no matter where you are.

Other second phone number apps

1. Google Voice

second phone number with Google Voice

Google Voice lets you choose from personal or business account. The personal one’s free but it’s not exactly giving you a second number. Instead, it lets you pick a number for Google Voice and forwards calls and messages to your personal phone. It’s sort of like a makeshift solution and you don’t end up missing out on some cool business phone features.

For the full package, there’s Google Voice for Google Workspace. It’s more of a business-level option, but you’ll need a Google Workspace account, which is an added cost.

2. Burner

Second phone line with Burner

Burner gives you a second phone number with the freedom to dispose of it whenever, kind of like those prepaid phones back in the day. It routes calls and texts to your main phone via VoIP. You get all the basics like calling, texting, and caller ID, plus some features like autoreplies. Burner still comes with a lot of limitations and is not the perfect fit for small businesses.

3. TextMe

TextMe second phone line for business

TextMe is an app that lets you text and call in the U.S., Canada, and many other countries. You get a new number and can make or take calls on a bunch of devices.

It’s versatile, and lets you handle several numbers under one account. But there are some challenges with TextMe. You need to switch on notifications to get calls and texts.

Get a second phone number with iTeleCenter

free second phone number app for business and WhatsApp

For small business owners, getting a second phone number is the best way to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

iTeleCenter is the easiest way to add a second phone number online to your existing smartphone. All you need to do is sign up and download the app. And BOOM! You’ll be able to start messaging and calling, all while getting access to a ton of advanced phone features.

Try a fourteen-day free trial and see for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

There are many 2nd phone number apps in the market. Some of the notable ones are iTeleCenter, KrispCall, UnitelVoice and Sideline.

You can choose a free local or toll free second phone number with iTeleCenter when you sign up.

Of course, you can get a US phone number no matter where you’re located. You can get a US phone number and run your business even from a beach in Bali.

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