U.S. Small Businesses Should Use Toll Free Numbers For Improved Sales In 2013


U.S. small business owners have always been optimistic, even in the face of furious economic struggles. Some of them have weathered the turbulent economic climate of 2008 and there are quite a few who are new to the business. Toll free numbers can help both the groups of businesses to stay competitive in 2013. Research by Dell and Intel shows that nine out of ten start-up entrepreneurs are worried about the U.S. economy. Nevertheless, 1800 numbers can be an important tool for them to generate more sales.

Reduces effort and expenditure
Toll free numbers attract more people to call you for free. Since these numbers do not charge the callers even for long distance calls, they are capable of attracting customers from across the U.S. and Canada. This is definitely a huge advantage for any business. Think of the efforts you have to make and the money you have to spend for reaching out to customers across the country! Reduce your effort and expenditure simply by including a toll free number in your marketing campaigns.

Assures customers
Toll free numbers are often considered the best friend of start-up business owners. They give businesses an edge that is rare. As soon as an entrepreneur includes an 1800 number in his contact information, it is understood that he is capable of providing 24×7 customer service.  In an age where the success of any business is heavily dependent on the quality of customer service it provides, it is important for you to get one such number for your business as well. Customers feel convinced of a company’s integrity when they see a business using such a number.

Improves marketing campaigns
The easiest way for making a business look legitimate is by using toll free numbers. They are successful in generating more customer response from a marketing or promotional campaign. They increase a business’s traffic which in turn can boost sales. You advertise with a telephone number expecting customers to call you at that number. But they need to first be able to remember your number.

A vanity number makes a telephone number more memorable.  A vanity number is more successful for marketing and promotional purposes because people can remember it easily and they can recall it whenever there’s a need.

Branding is important. A brand represents the corporate identity of a business. Establishing an identity is essential for the success of any business and especially when you are not sure of favorable economic conditions. Customers must be able to recognize you first. Toll free numbers help a small business to build its brand, attract attention and finally answer calls in a sophisticated and professional way.

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