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Give Your Company the Mobility it Needs with a Virtual Phone System

Our Virtual Phone System comes with a toll free number or a local number. This is the number that you need to advertise – list it on your website, business cards – wherever.

Mobility is Key

Callers hear a welcome message and a choice of options to get to them to the right person or department.  The system forwards the caller directly to the designated mobile or land-line number that you’ve set up – according to YOUR schedule. Want to be reached at an office number between 9 and 5 on Monday – Friday, and on your cell phone at other times? Don’t want to be disturbed after 8 pm or on Sundays?
Done… just configure it in your back office.

Scalability Built Right In

Are you a  sole proprietorship? Bypass the auto attendant feature and have your calls forward directly to your mobile phone. Larger business? Use the virtual PBX feature without the added cost of equipment and maintenance. Assign your employees or departments their own extensions – they can each configure their own call forwarding settings.

Privacy is the Highest Priority

The last thing you want to do is to publicize your mobile number. Even though calls are forwarded to your personal number, we keep them private – the caller never knows the number they’ve reached. Outgoing calls placed through our system never display the personal number you used to make the call.

This system will take care of all of your business’s communications needs. You can even READ your Voicemail with emailed alerts. Send and receive faxes online through our service also – and still maintain the privacy of your personal numbers.

Instill Confidence with the Power of 800 Numbers

Don’t listen to what many are saying about the reduced need for a toll free number in the age of the internet!

Sure, you have a website, email, maybe some lead capture pages and other ads online – but the average person still wants to know that you are available to speak to on the phone. And what better way to provide that assurance than with the use of 800 numbers.

They allow your callers to reach you at no cost to them. No matter where in the US or Canada they are calling from, they can call you for free.  

In addition, 800 numbers advertise your business for you. When someone sees an 800 number, they get an immediate sense of authority and security. Your company appears large and established – it instills confidence in the consumer. Given a choice, a customer will be more likely to call a company with a well known 800 prefix than a number they do not recognize.

The power behind these numbers is amazing. Potential buyers typically visualize a company with an 800 number in a large corporate building with a large staff of representatives standing by to assist them with a purchase or customer service request.  Having access to a toll free customer service line also greatly increases customer retention.

So, grab one of these numbers and list it everywhere you can – on your website, business cards, flyers, printed advertisements, and everywhere else you can think of – and let it speak for itself!