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Use iTeleCenter to Help You Hire the Best Employees

If you’re a business owner who has effectively hired employees in the past, then you know
how challenging the process can be. Placing an ad is the easiest part of it. Then you have to handle all of the phone calls, emails, and other inquiries about the position, what you’re looking for exactly, and what you are seeking in your ideal employee. You smile on the other end of the phone and politely explain it all time and time again and instruct them to send their resume and cover letter to you.

At the end of the process, you wind up with a mountain of resumes (especially during the
current economic recession), half of which could be tossed aside with barely more than a cursory glance at them. You’ve effectively spent countless hours simply trying to get to the core of what you’re looking for in an ideal employee. On top of all that, you will end up going through that process every time you have to look for new employees.

How it Works

With iTeleCenter, you can set up a separate extension for callers to hear a recorded
message (one that you record) and you would place this extension in the ad, whether you post the ad online, in newspapers, or other classified publications. When your interested prospects call the number, the recording you make will explain precisely what you’re looking for in the ideal employee and what the job entails. Many times, when people call a want-ad and learn more about the position, they will realize that they are either not qualified for it, or that it isn’t quite what they are interested in.

In today’s economy, you will likely be inundated with people who will take just about any
job and they will offer the same promise that they can handle anything that you ask them to do and that they are quick learners. You don’t have to endure this and the more specific you make your message, the more information that you share with them, the more likely you will have those calls end before they reach the point where they leave a message for you with their contact information. You can also encourage them to fax their resume right to your iTeleCenter number.

iTeleCenter Acts as Your Personal Filtering Staff

Larger companies have entire teams of human resource professionals whose job is to
sift through all of the calls and resumes they receive about a particular position. As a small business owner, you have limited resources and time and iTeleCenter is a great resource to have in your corner. When you have applicants leaving their contact information, then you will know that they’ve listened to the entire message and that they are still interested and might actually possess the skills and qualifications that you are seeking.

iTeleCenter has all of the tools at your disposal to create a professional message and you can even track the effectiveness of where you place your help wanted ads, which will allow you the opportunity to fine-tune your message in the future. After all, when your business is growing, you will need more employees, right?

Make Your Yellow Pages Presence Stand Out

If you want to create an explosive Yellow Page ad, then you want to stand out from the
competition. The problem with many Yellow Page ads is that they all look alike. There’s no inherent difference between them. Some are large, which draws more attention to them but those ads tend to cost quite a bit more. The rest of the ads all blend in together and look alike, right? So what’s the solution to make your business’s Yellow Pages ad stand out?

iTeleCenter has the perfect answer. All it requires is a little bit of creative energy and a
dedicated toll-free number to add to your Yellow Pages listing. The idea of any marketing campaign is to create a call-to-action. If potential customers happen upon your ad in the Yellow Pages, but they aren’t directed to take any action, then their eyes may wander past it to one of your competitors. A call-to-action can be as simple as inspiring them to make a phone call.

Toll-Free Numbers Achieve Results

People guard themselves when searching for a new business or dealing with one they are not familiar with. When your customers find your Yellow Pages ad and at the bottom,
in small print you list your area code and number, that isn’t going to inspire much action on their part. By adding a toll-free number, you’ve already altered the psychology of the interaction. By viewing that number, your potential customers are looking at your ad and your business in a different light. They are seeing your business as being more professional and more dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The toll-free number, though, is only a small portion of what you can do to boost the
presence of your Yellow Pages ad. So what about that call-to-action? Stating, ‘Call today’ may work when you have a special offer in place, but what about the rest of the year?

Create Desire in Your Customers

Your Yellow Pages ad should be designed to set your business apart from your competition. So what is it about your business that is better than all the others? Or better
yet, what can you offer your customers that your competition isn’t doing at the moment?

As a business owner, you know a great deal about the products or services that you offer.
What are the common questions brought to you by potential customers? What are
the pitfalls that customers may deal with when shopping for the products or services that you provide? You could create a special report detailing and answering these most common questions and concerns, then advertise this free report in your Yellow Pages ad.

Guide them to call that iTeleCenter toll free number for more information. When they do, simply instruct them to leave their contact information and they will receive that free report. iTeleCenter has been assisting businesses for years to stand out from the competition and with dedicated iTeleCenter numbers, you can control your marketing campaign with much more efficiency than ever before. Let your Yellow Pages ad explode off the page with an iTeleCenter dedicated toll-free number.

Is it better to advertise your business’s toll free number or local number?

Do you ever wonder whether you should publish your company’s local number or toll free number? There are several things to consider when making this decision.  What is your target audience?  Do you primarily rely on local customers or are you trying to create a national or even an international presence? Do you want your customers to remember your phone number?

If you are looking for local customers in your geographic location, advertising your local number may help them choose you over your competition because they can identify with a number that looks local to them. If you are going for an international presence, you should also use your local number when advertising. Some people do not realize that most US toll free numbers cannot be accessed outside of the US and Canada.

If you are reaching out to the general US and Canadian customer base, you should use your toll free number. Your toll free number gives you a bigger business look which might appeal to a broader customer base.  Even better, you should advertise your toll free vanity number. After all, you got a vanity number to make it easier for customers to remember your number.

Your best bet is to have a local number (or several local numbers in mutiple cities) as well as a toll free number – preferably a toll free vanity number to make it easy for people to remember you. iTeleCenter offers plans that allows you to select up to 4 numbers that can share a pool of included minutes. You can get a local number in Los Angeles, a different local number in New York, an 800 number and a toll free vanity number that ‘spells’ something easy for your customers to remember – all included in one package for one monthly fee!

You can use multiple numbers with iTeleCenter and have them all forward to the same mobile phone number or landline.

Send and Receive Faxes Without a Fax Machine

In the age of digital media, it can be a bit too easy to forget that faxes are still an important business tool. Today, thanks to iTeleCenter, there’s no need to worry about a fax machine. You don’t even need the all-in-one scanner, printer, fax machine units. For businesses that want to be professional from start to finish, the ability to send and receive faxes is a necessity; it’s no longer just a luxury.

iTeleCenter has the answer for all types of businesses. With the fax service from iTeleCenter, businesses can now send and receive faxes any time of day or night without
needing to have a separate dedicated phone line. And all of this can be done through your iTeleCenter Back Office. Simply upload a document from your computer and it will automatically be converted to a format that can be sent to your recipient’s fax machine or service. Faxes will be received by iTeleCenter automatically and emailed right to the address you have set up to receive fax notifications.

Faxing in the Modern Age of Business

Who needs to be concerned with faxing today, anyway? After all, don’t most people
communicate by email in this modern business age of ours? The question is a common one for many small to medium-sized businesses and the answer is actually quite simple. The reason why faxing is still an important ingredient in the modern business culture is because important, legal documents are still not universally distributed, signed, or returned through email.

Many consumers do not have the capability to scan and email the documents that they may be required to sign and send in. Numerous small businesses don’t have the
capability, either, and these potential clients rely on fax sending and receiving services and tend to pay astronomical fees for each document sent. Don’t let this happen to your business.

Take the Reins of Faxing with iTeleCenter

With iTeleCenter’s fax service, you won’t need to be concerned with having a separate, dedicated phone line just for faxing, which automatically saves money, plus you can simply use your iTeleCenter’s phone number, the one that you will be using for your main
business line, as your fax number as well.

It’s easier and much more convenient to only have to worry about one number and your customers and potential clients won’t have to keep searching for the proper number when they need to send you a fax.

One of the most convenient features of the iTeleCenter fax service is that you will
receive your faxes via email which means that you won’t have to spend money on
paper and ink toner to receive every fax sent. Simply select the pages that you want to print, if any, and you can print them directly from within your browser.

When you use the fax service from iTeleCenter, you take control of your business in
the best and most efficient manner possible and that is the best way to not only save money, but boost your business profile. Customers who notice a fax option for businesses instinctively view those businesses as being more professional and that is one of the driving forces for success in today’s business climate.

Rent Properties Faster With iTeleCenter Hotlines

Realtors are quite familiar with the endless spate of phone calls that come in for certain
rental properties, many of which are just your average, ordinary ‘tire kicking’ callers. These calls can take a tremendous amount of time out of your day. After all, you have to explain the rental property and then try to learn something about these prospects. In the end, a majority of these callers won’t call back or want to see the property.

Why go through all of that every time? Wouldn’t it be great to have a simpler, better process of weeding out those so-called tire kickers? Well, now there is and it is as easy as setting up a separate hotline for these rental properties. Whether you are a private homeowner looking to rent out your vacation property for a season or you’re a professional real estate agent who is looking to save some time, a hotline is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Have Interested Renters Call the Hotline

When you place an ad for that rental property, leave your iTeleCenter toll-free number and
extension number for them to call. With this extension, you can record a detailed message explaining the property and the qualifications that the tenants must meet in order to apply and this will be what your callers hear. This great hotline system roots out all of the peripheral callers who would normally occupy too many hours of your day and leave you frustrated.

Homeowners who accept these calls to their home number ultimately rush to accept potential renters when they realize how tedious the process can be. Instead, using
iTeleCenter hotline extensions keeps you from having to sift through the endless calls. Interested prospects will listen to the entire message. With your detailed recording, they will understand everything about the property that they would need in order to decide whether they want to view it. When they are, then they will be directed to leave their
contact information for you or you can have connect directly to you at that point.

The Toll-Free Number Filters Out the Right Callers

When prospective tenants call ads, they often are simply curious. These callers are much more likely to call home numbers than toll-free numbers. A toll-free number has a more professional appearance and your rental property will be represented in a much more dynamic manner by simply adding that toll-free number to the ad.

Some of the most successful real estate gurus in the world use hotlines for their prized
listing. The more valuable or exclusive the listing, the more likely you will be to have curious tire kickers calling up to find out more about it. These window shoppers are not malicious by any stretch of the imagination; they are curious, but nothing more. Let them listen to the details about the property and if they are genuinely interested at that point, then they will leave their contact information and you can call them at your convenience.

It can be tempting to grab the phone when it rings for the first time. After all, you don’t want a bona-fide tenant slipping through your grasp, but they won’t. People who are
seriously interested in renting your property will be more than happy to listen to all of the details and then leave their information. If you do have call forwarding enabled, you will most likely be connected to truly interested renters.

Track Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising with iTeleCenter

Businesses can spend a great deal of their marketing budget on pay-per-click advertising, and though the major search engines offer their own form of tracking features, they  are not as efficient as they can be. iTeleCenter has created a better system to monitor the effectiveness of these ads and you can get down to the nitty, gritty details of each pay per click marketing strategy that you’re employing at any given time.

For those business owners who are unfamiliar with the term ‘pay per click,’ let’s take a  quick moment to explain. Whenever a potential customer finds your website through a pay per click advertisement, whether it’s on another business’s website or even through a search engine, when they click on that ad and are directed to your website, you pay for that click through.

The business that is advertising doesn’t generally have to pay for these advertisements  until a viewer clicks on them, directing them to the business. That’s where the pay per click comes into play. So, it should be quite simple to note that understanding where people are coming to your site from or what keywords were most effective in turning a casual visitor (someone who simply clicked on your link out of curiosity) from one who is genuinely interested in the products or services that you offer is ultimately so important.

iTeleCenter Makes it Easy to Track Your Marketing Progress

With most tracking programs for pay per click marketing, you are only given information  about how many clicks came from different ads. While this can help focus your marketing plan, it doesn’t let you know how many of those clicks turn into sales and that is the most important aspect of pay per click marketing. If you’re not converting many clicks into customers, then perhaps the advertisement isn’t targeting the right audience. If you rely solely on these other tracking programs and reports, then you may falsely believe that your  campaign is being effective, invest more money into that avenue while your actual sales are coming from a different ad.

You can acquire a toll-free number from iTeleCenter and activate the Ad Tracker feature. Simplay place this number along with a reacking code on each unique landing page for your website (it’s a great tracking strategy to have a unique landing page for each pay per click ad that you run) and when your prospects call that number and enter the code listed with it, then you’ll know precisely how effective your pay per click marketing strategies are working out.

Take Control of Marketing with Toll-Free Numbers 

Business owners are acutely aware of the importance of managing every marketing dollar spent and they want to make sure that they are spending their money wisely, which means  that each ad needs to have a fair ROI (return on investment). The more you know about every facet of the pay per click ads that you’re using, the higher your ROI. Pay per click ads only work if those clicks are actual interested customers, not casual browsers. Use  iTeleCenter’s toll-free numbers and tracking opportunity to get the most from your  pay per click ads.