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💼Types of virtual phone numbers

Vanity Numbers – People remember them

Vanity numbers have a powerful brand recall making your phone number and business more memorable. If you’re number is memorable, they wouldn’t even have to scour the internet.

For example, if you’re running a pet care business, having numbers like 1-833-NYC-WOOF or 1-866-JEN-PUPS would almost always ensure they instantly remember you and your brand.

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Toll free numbers – Let Customers reach you for free

Let customers connect with you at zero calling cost. This way, customers won’t think twice about connecting with you to seek information about your products or services.

Toll-free numbers are well-known and are usually used by large corporations, but that’s not the case anymore. Make your company look bigger and more established with custom greetings and extensions or have greetings professionally recorded for you.

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Local phone numbers – Connect better with local communities

More and more people are buying local to support their communities, so having a local phone number for your business is one of the easiest ways to increase your conversion rates.

Activate multiple local phone numbers for your business to project a multi-city presence without the expense of physical locations. Establish a local presence in New York or Los Angeles even If you’re located in Texas.

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👌How to find the perfect phone number for your business

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Choose the type of phone number you need for your business – Toll free, local or vanity phone numbers.
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Pick a random available toll free or local phone number or enter the keywords associated with the main product you sell, your business name, or any clever combination that is associated and recognizable to your business.

The vanity phone number search tool will look for available numbers that match your selected keywords. For example, let’s say you own a pizzeria, If you have 1-866-BOBS-PIZZA as your number, they instantly know your name and what you do.

🔮Features that fit right in

Call forwarding

Deliver exceptional customer service by being accessible all the time. With call forwarding in place, you and your staff can effortlessly attend calls anytime, from any location.

Business texting

Send text messages about alerts, appointment confirmations, updates, specials, etc. and keep your customers posted.

VoIP + Wi-Fi calling

Make and receive calls using your internet connection. VoIP + Wi-Fi calling is significantly cheaper when compared to calls placed on traditional phone systems.

Custom greetings

Deliver a better experience for your customer by personalizing your greetings, providing clear menu options and sharing company information.

Voicemail transcription

Don’t have the time to listen to an entire voicemail message? Get voicemail transcripts via email, quickly skim through messages and reply to the ones that are important.

Automatic call distribution

Automatically route incoming calls to the best staff or department based on preset conditions. Fewer escalations + faster call response = happier customers.

iOS and Android apps

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer and stay connected. You and your teams can make and receive calls, texts, check voicemails, and more.

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