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Here’s how you can get a free VoIP phone number

How to get a free VoIP phone number in 3 steps

What is a free VoIP number?

So what exactly is a free VoIP phone number?

A VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) number is basically a virtual phone number. You use it like a regular phone number, except VoIP numbers facilitate phone calls using an Internet connection.

That means you can make VoIP calls from any Internet-enabled device (cell phone, computer, softphone, desk phone, you name it). The number itself also isn’t tied to a particular device or even a specific geographic location.

How do I get a free VoIP number?

How do I get a free VoIP number?

Choose a VoIP service provider: Start by selecting a VoIP phone service provider like iTeleCenter. These providers offer various features and options for obtaining VoIP numbers.

Select the type of number: Decide whether you need a local, toll-free, or vanity VoIP phone number. Choose the one that suits your business needs and preferences best.

Select a phone service plan: To use your free VoIP phone number, you’ll need a phone service plan. At iTeleCenter, we offer a range of plans tailored to different needs, starting at just $19.95 per month. Pick the plan that fits your budget and requirements.

Get going with your VoIP number: Once you’ve chosen your number and plan, it’s time to start using it. You can access iTeleCenter through our iOS or Android mobile app or via the web. Simply download the app, configure your settings, and you’re ready to start using your free business VoIP phone number.

With these simple steps, you can quickly and easily get started with a free VoIP number for your business.

Different types of free VoIP phone numbers for business

Local phone numbers

Local numbers are associated with certain regions or cities. They’re great for businesses that are looking to serve a particular area.

Picture this: You’re running a business in California, but you also want to advertise and market your business in Florida. You can instantly get a Free VoIP Florida phone number (AKA a virtual Florida local number) for your business and do just that no matter where you are.

With a local number, your customers won’t have to worry about long-distance charges when they call you, which can make them more likely to call your business.

Toll free phone numbers

You’ve probably seen these numbers – they start with 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888. When someone calls a toll-free number, they don’t get charged for the call.

Many businesses use toll-free numbers to look bigger, boost their credibility and make it easier for customers to reach them without worrying about phone charges.

Vanity phone numbers

These are custom phone numbers tailored to your business, making them stand out from the crowd.

For example, a BBQ company in New York, might go for something like 1-800 NYC-BBQ.

Vanity numbers are memorable and help your business stick in people’s minds, which can give you an edge over your competitors.

Benefits of a VoIP number

Using a VoIP phone number for your business comes with a ton of features that can make life easier.

Save big on your phone bills

First off, it’s much cheaper than traditional phone lines, especially for those long-distance calls. VoIP makes calls using the internet so you can make and receive calls with your VoIP number no matter where you’re located.

Scale up or down with ease

VoIP is super flexible, which means you can add or remove phone numbers / lines without messing with a bunch of hardware. You can add and remove right from your smartphone with just a few clicks.

Work from wherever you are

With VoIP, you and your team can make and take calls from anywhere with the internet. No more being stuck at your desk for calls. It’s great for remote work or when you’re on the go.

Advanced phone features

VoIP systems come with all sorts of features like voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, call recording, analytics and conference calls. They make running your business smoother and more professional.

Plays along well

VoIP systems can easily connect with other tools and software you’re using, like CRMs or collaboration platforms. It’s like they’re all speaking the same language, making your life easier.

Happier customer

With features like call routing and queuing, VoIP helps you provide top notch customer service. Customers get where they need to go faster = happier customers.

Go global

Want to expand your business beyond your area code? VoIP lets you buy virtual numbers from different regions or countries. Get a free USA VoIP phone number and create a local business presence anywhere.

Always on

VoIP providers make sure their systems are reliable and rarely go down. You can count on your phones to work when you need them most.

Why is VoIP cheap?

VoIP plans are normally cheaper than traditional phone services or mobile contracts.

The reason?

VoIP makes use of your existing internet connection to transmit data quickly and efficiently, therefore cutting call costs.

With most VoIP providers, you’ll find they offer free calling instead of charging you by the minute. Take iTeleCenter, for example. in their Pro and Grow plan, you get unlimited calls within your country.

Using VoIP also means you can skip the hefty expenses of setting up and maintaining a traditional phone system or PBX. No need for expensive wiring, desk phones or line rentals for each user. All you really need is a router. You can turn your computers and mobile devices into business phones by downloading an app.

Why get a free VoIP phone number with iTeleCenter

Get started in minutes, not hours or days

Setting up your local VoIP number with iTeleCenter is a simple. Just hop on a free trial and you’ll get a VoIP number during signup.

If you end up liking what we have to offer, you can seamlessly transition to one of our paid plans (starting at $19.95 per month) after the trial. This not only lets you keep your number but also gives you access to features like call conferencing, call recording, custom voicemail greetings, call forwarding and unlimited calling.

Crystal clear phone calls

A lot of users complain about call quality. We’ve heard about it, which is why we prioritized our call quality.

You don’t have to worry about fuzzy connections or dropped calls. iTeleCenter’s voice network ensures top-notch call quality, even during group calls.

Text away

Sometimes, a quick text is all you need. With iTeleCenter, you can send SMS and MMS directly from the desktop or mobile app.

Your very own virtual receptionist

Get a free VoIP phone number and forget about hiring a receptionist—iTeleCenter’s virtual receptionist has you covered. This feature greets your incoming callers and guides them with easy to follow options to connect them to the right service agent or department every single time (and quickly).

Stay organized with visual voicemail

Never miss an important voicemail again, even in the middle of a meeting. Our visual voicemail functionality automatically transcribes your messages and sends them to your email, complete with the caller’s ID. You can store, play back, and read transcripts at your convenience and even forward those messages to your team.

Effortless call routing

Ensure your callers always reach the right person or department with the call routing feature. Say goodbye to endless transfers, your callers can easily route themselves to their intended destination on the first try.

Bring your numbers along with you

Got existing business numbers you want to keep? No problem. iTeleCenter lets you port over your existing numbers for free and without any service interruptions. (or you can add a free VoIP phone number too)

Easy call forwarding

Easily forward calls to any external phone number or device, even if it’s not connected to iTeleCenter. You can forward incoming calls to up to ten different mobile or landline numbers.

Get started for free with iTeleCenter

Want to test the waters before you dive in? No worries.

Get started with a free trial with iTeleCenter today.

Frequently asked questions

You might have questions likeWill VoIP calls be free?” or “Can I get VoIP for free?” or “Where can I find a free VoIP phone number lookup tool?”

If you want the best free VoIP app and the free VoIP phone service, we recommend going with Skype. (Note: they come with a lot of restrictions and are not built specifically for small business communication)

Of course. You can definitely get a free VoIP phone number, but it might come with a few strings attached. Some VoIP service providers offer free plans or trial periods that include a phone number at no extra cost. However, these numbers often have limitations, like constraints on call minutes or fewer features.

With iTeleCenter, get a free VoIP number when you sign up for our service. Have access to 30+ phone features along with your free VoIP number.

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