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  2. Local phone numbers are important for business because customers want people they can trust, and when you are local, they tend to trust you more. It’s about building positive relationships and a New York phone number is the first step in that process. When you have a local phone number from iTeleCenter, those 8.1 million residents will be more apt to call you than a business from across the country.
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    Having a New York phone number from iTeleCenter doesn’t mean you have to live in the city. You can conduct your business from anywhere in the country, which is ideal for business owners who travel or are establishing a presence in a new location. Your clients and customers will believe you’re right there with them.
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    With no long-term contracts to worry about, along with instant access, you can enjoy a New York phone number for your business or just personal use. There are many reasons to have a phone number from New York, plus with a 14-day free trial, it’s never been easier to get started!
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    When you have a local New York phone number, you are essentially in the heart of the action right from the beginning. New York residents take pride in their city and that’s why having iTeleCenter on your side establishes trustworthiness, all from the simplicity of a local phone number. The iTeleCenter’s virtual phone system helps put you in control.
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    Your competitors are actively seeking ways to beat you to potential customers. When you operate from a distance, level the playing field, or gain that edge you need with New York phone numbers. Get started today and within minutes, publish your new phone numbers for all of your customers to see.
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    Set up the features you want with your iTeleCenter’s virtual phone system, such as call forwarding, extensions, instant notifications, and more in minutes, thanks to your iTeleCenter online account. If you ever need assistance with anything, iTeleCenter’s customer service is second to none.
  8. In Today’s World, Mobility is the Keyword

    With so many opportunities for business owners the world over, you’re likely always on the go. With iTeleCenter’s virtual phone system, you can turn your mobile phone into a virtual office while keeping your personal number private. Route calls in and out through your New York phone number.