Get an 800 or Local Number with Call Forwarding

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Forward your business calls to any device, at any location.

Our service lets you have calls forwarded to multiple phone numbers

You can forward calls to your local or toll free phone number with iTeleCenter. One of our subscribers’ favorite features is the ability to set up multiple phone numbers to forward to. While most subscribers set up calls to forward to their cell phones, some have multiple numbers that they use. Many prefer to have the calls ring to their mobile number first and then their home number. Imagine your relief when an important call comes through to your home phone when you inadvertently left your cell phone in your car!

It’s so easy – here’s how to set up call forwarding

You can start forwarding calls to any number you wish as soon as you sign up for your new number. It’s a very simple setting -- one that you can set up by logging into the back office on your laptop or via the free mobile app. While the mobile app has a simple on/off switch, the laptop version lets you set the days of the week and hours of the day you want to receive calls. Any calls outside those settings are forwarded right to your voicemail.

How can you use call forwarding for your local or toll free 800 numbers?

Simple! Advertise your number on your company website, business cards, or anywhere. Once you set up your forwarding number(s), calls will be seamlessly transferred right to your number of choice. The great thing is that your callers do not need to know that you are sipping Margarita’s on the beach when you pick up their call. Everyone needs a vacation --- and as a hard-working business person, while you may be physically absent from your office, business calls often cannot go unattended. And there you have it, --- the solution for when you’re away but need to stay connected.

We’re so sure you’ll love it, we offer a free trial with call forwarding

Try it out at absolutely no cost! We offer a free trial of our service. Simply pick the phone number you want, pick the plan you think best suits you, and enter your information. Some people question why we collect credit card information if it’s all free. The reason is simple --- this allows us to transition your number over to a paid account at the end of your 14 day trial. If you choose not to be billed, simply cancel the account in the first 2 weeks. The trial period does not limit any features – you can start forwarding calls right away and check out how easy it is. You’ll wonder how you got along without it!

Free 14 Day Trial – Instant Activation

Our Most Popular Features

  • Custom Main Greeting
  • Multiple Mailbox Extensions
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Screening / Call Announcement
  • Send & Receive Faxes
    (Purchase of dedicated fax-only number required)
  • iPhone/Android App
  • Unlimited Call Capacity
  • Music On Hold
  • Read Your Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • Click to Call
  • Unblockable Caller ID

We've served over 100,000 businesses.
Here's what a few of them have to say.

"It's a great service, and I don't have to be stuck in the office to receive business calls."

Vern Pelzer,
Jakel Media

"iTeleCenter is like an easy button for your business phone solutions."

Gina DeLong,
Piranha Marketing, Inc.

"iTeleCenter is an outstanding value..."

GracAnne Keohouhou,
Direct Selling Women's Alliance

"...seamlessly transfer calls between departments without an expensive PBX system."

Cliff Lunsford,
Green Life Outfitters

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