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Why a Toll Free Number is Important for a Startup Company

If you are working hard to get your business off the ground, then it is important for you to set yourself apart from your competitors. Even if you already have a recognizable brand, you can add to that with a toll free number. It adds an air of establishment and affords you plenty of opportunities to allow your business to grow.

A Better Company Image

The first thing that a toll free number can do for your start-up company is provide it with a better image. Regardless of whether you have a brick-and-mortar location with 10 to 20 employees or you’re working out of your basement, an 800 number adds a sense of establishment. For this reason, you can make your company seem much larger and more reputable than it actually is – something that can truly help you out if you are still trying to grow your customer base.

It’s Portable

The ability to change the ring-to number, or the phone that actually rings whenever someone dials the toll free number, is imperative at first, and this is especially true if you are running a one-man or woman show. If you have a retail location, you might want that number to ring to you there as long as you are present. However, when you leave, you may choose to have it ring through to your cell phone so that you do not miss any important calls. It’s all up to you.

You’ll have a Broader Reach

With a local number alone, you can be added to local and internet telephone directories, but will this really help you in the beginning? When polled, more than 70% of consumers claim that they prefer to call a toll free number over a local one. This is true even in today’s day and age when long distance charges are mostly a thing of the past. Why is that? It all goes back to the company image. What’s more, if you have an 800 number, you can have it added to online directories as you see fit.

It’s Completely Scalable

One of the best things about acquiring a toll free number through a virtual phone system provider is that you will pay only for the minutes you use above your included plan minutes and you can add more numbers as you see fit. As your business grows, and even if you add more physical locations, it’s easy to add more lines. You will only have to pay for what your business uses and nothing more.

It’s Affordable

Finally, an 800 number from a virtual phone system provider is more affordable than those from more traditional providers. You won’t have to purchase any expensive equipment and you won’t have to pay to have new telephone jacks installed throughout your location. Again, since you only pay for the minutes you use and there is no annual contract, affordability is no issue.

As you can see, a toll free number is a great way to help you launch your start-up company and make yourself known among your competitors. Use it on advertisements and such to broaden your reach and get more contacts than ever before.

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