A Single Phone Number Simplifies Business

How many phone numbers do you have in your life? When you’re a business owner, you likely have enough to require your own address book just to keep track of them all. You meet someone on the street and they ask for your business fax number and you pull out your smart phone and scroll through the contacts until you find it. Ah, there you go, you finally have the right number.

Businesses today are bombarded with so many phone numbers that it seems like a logistical nightmare to keep track of them. It’s time for you to consolidate them all into a single phone number. That’s right, from your business’s main line number to the fax number, peripheral secondary numbers, and your business and personal cell phone numbers, you can merge them all into one convenient number to hand out to your clients.

In an Age of Technology, Simplifying is Prudent

One would think that with all of the technology at our fingertips life should be so much easier than it was twenty years ago, but in reality, it has become more complicated. Most people have at least two to three phone numbers to keep track of, and that doesn’t even include business numbers! Email addresses and websites are also used in abundance. People tend to use one number for their close friends and family, another number for work and other more professional calls, and maybe a third for a dedicated fax line.

A single phone number can eliminate the need for you to have to decipher your phone numbers into categories. Take all of the numbers that you use at the moment and consolidate them into one simple and easy to remember single phone number. On top of that, you can merge them all into one simple to remember toll-free number as well.

We have enough to try and remember when it comes to picking up the kids after work, trying to navigate the GPS system around the latest rush-hour delays, and deciphering the DVR machine so that we don’t miss that one television program we enjoy during the week; we don’t need to confound this learning curve of modern technology with multiple phone numbers.

Professionalism to the Core

A single phone number, especially one that is a toll free number, gives you an air of professionalism, no matter whom you’re handing the number to. It could be your family or your friends, colleagues, or strangers who may be interested in becoming clients in the future. That single number, when it is simple to remember, will afford you that air of professionalism.

Just think about the times when you are handed a business card and a single, toll-free number is printed on it. You probably thought, ‘Now this is a business that has their act together.’ Okay, so maybe you didn’t think that, but on a subconscious level, that business jumped to the forefront of your mind, didn’t it?

A single phone number is smart business. At the end of the day, that’s what separates the winners from the rest of the pack. And just think of all that other information you’ll be able to store when you don’t have to track down your ten or twenty contact numbers because you have a single phone number to represent them all!