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Let Your Auto Attendant Guide Your Callers

Do you know how easy it is to use the Auto Attendant feature in iTeleCenter? It allows you to create customized greetings and menus for your callers to hear. Callers are greeted by a personalized message, tailor-made to meet the needs of YOUR business, and then are seamlessly routed where they need to be. You can prompt them to visit different extensions to hear recorded information about your products or services, or to connect with a specific person or department – all defined by YOU – the business owner.

With the Auto Attendant feature, even small and remotely operated companies appear professional and highly organized. The service uses a recording that instructs the caller about which key to press to reach a particular person, department, extension or voicemail. You can record the greetings and menu options yourself, or you may choose to use iTeleCenter’s Voice Studio professional recording services.

Callers who are greeted by the Auto Attendant will be routed as directed by you. The number and variety of call forwarded extensions and voice mailboxes are limited only by your chosen configuration. The flexibility of the feature allows you to create a telephone system that is as sleek and impressive as an expensive corporate telephone network.

An integral part of a iTeleCenter, Auto Attendant is the perfect solution to manage telephone traffic for any small or remotely operated business.

Vanity Numbers – The Easy Way to Promote Your Business

With all of the advertising venues out there – from audio ads on the radio or television to visual ads on billboards, signs, and printed material – vanity numbers will get you an even bigger bang for your buck.

Think of it as bonus advertising.  

Place an ad in a journal and readers will see your business in print. Hopefully they’ll remember your company name, but it’s doubtful that the average reader will remember your number. Make use of vanity numbers, however, and the chance of them remembering your number skyrockets. Especially is it’s something catchy or memorable.

Tips for searching for that memorable number:

Humor sells.

Advertising a training center for boxing? Try searching for P-U-N-C-H-M-E… you can bet that the average consumer will remember a number like (877) 9PUNCHME.

Dog training? How about searching for B-A-D-D-O-G.

Function sells also.

Advertising your dog walking business? How about searching for D-O-G-W-A-L-K? Odds are you’ll find something like (855) 5DOGWALK.

Exterminator? How about searching for R-A-T-T-R-A-P?

You get the picture – the key is to be creative and try to find a memorable number.

Oh right… do some of those numbers look like they converts to too many digits? That’s ok – it’s called over-dial. Phone systems are designed to ignore any digits past the 10th. This helps enormously because sometimes your first choice (8XX-PUNCHME or 8XX-DOGWALK) is already taken. The next best choice is to add a number in front of the word you want people to remember.

Why iTeleCenter is the Best Choice Amongst Virtual Phone Systems

First and foremost, iTeleCenter has a proven 99.9% up-time. With server redundancy in place, it is an extremely rare occurrence that the service is ever unavailable. iTeleCenter’s reliability is unparalleled amongst other virtual phone systems.

Next, look at the plan flexibility – from our basic $19.95 per month plan with 10 extensions to our premier $99.95 plan with unlimited extensions and up to 4 different toll free and/or local numbers sharing 5000 minutes per month – there is certainly a plan to fit your business needs.

And let’s not forget all of the features included with EVERY PLAN! From call forwarding with daily time schedules for up to five different phone numbers to voicemail, call recording, call transfer, and even call capture – the ability to grab the caller ID of any call, this is the only business phone system you will ever need.

Plus, we have the added benefit of online faxing which not only saves you time and money, but also helps the environment. GO GREEN with online faxing – save energy, save ink and save paper!