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Happy New Year from iTeleCenter

Wishing you a Healthy, Prosperous, Happy New Year from all of us at iTeleCenter!

Get Updated Technology to Improve Communication with your Customers

Review your Phone Service. Are you paying too much for a toll free line? Understand your options. There are several Virtual Phone Systems available at very low monthly fees. They allow you to get toll free and/or local numbers in just about any US city for less than what you are paying your local or long distance provider. iTeleCenter is one virtual phone system that allows you to bundle a mix of up to 4 local and toll free numbers into a package with one low monthly fee. For example, you can get a toll free 800 number, a local number in Los Angeles, a local number in New York City, and a fourth number in Miami all for the same low price. All of these numbers can be tied to your local office number or even your personal cell phone so calls forward directly to you. Advertise each number in different areas to present a larger presence.

Were you planning to replace your outdated fax machine? During your Phone Service review, you read about iTeleCenter – you can use any iTeleCenter number to send and receive faxes – you no longer need a dedicated phone line OR a fax machine. Your faxes can easily be viewed online and printed right from your computer. Your customers can even call in and get information faxed directly back to them.  This allows you to get information into your customers’ hands quickly and efficiently. 

Review your Internet Presence. Most people looking for a new product or service will check out the Internet first. Make sure your website content is up to date. The information about your products as well as pricing must be current. Make sure you make it easy for visitors to contact you. Of course you want to list your company phone number, email address, and street address (when doing business locally). The problem is that most people will jot down the number from a website meaning to call you later – except they forget where they put that piece of paper. They go back and search again – only this time maybe they spot a different website!  Imagine if the first time they landed on your website all they had to do was click a button to place a call to you. With iTeleCenter’s click to call they can. They simply click this button on your website, enter their phone number, and iTeleCenter will call you and immediately connect you to their number – as simple as that!

Implementing any or all of these suggestions will greatly improve communication with your customers.

Make 2012 the Year you accomplish your Goals!

The New Year gives you a chance to review your business goals.  Did you put off items from last year that you wanted to accomplish but didn’t get to? Were there changes you meant to implement that didn’t get done?  Now is the time to address the items you missed last year and to add new goals for the New Year.

Here are a few steps that you can take – invest a little time and possibly reap huge benefits to increase your bottom line.

Review your Business Plan. A solid business plan will help you make decisions throughout the year and help you achieve your goals. This is a great time to review how things worked out last year and how you can change your goals for the New Year.

Review your Marketing Budget.
Make a plan and try to stick with it. If it needs to vary based on your sales, plan to review your budget quarterly.  

Contact your Suppliers. Now is a good time to try to negotiate lower pricing. Your suppliers are probably reviewing their annual goals at this time too. Discuss last year’s orders to come up with a plan that’s agreeable to both of you.

Review your Insurance needs. Do you need to increase any of your insurance coverage? Has anything changed that may allow you to decrease your coverage? Are you sure you are getting the best pricing? Do you have several policies that can be bundled for greater discounts? Now may be a good time to get some quotes to make sure you are not overpaying.

The continued growth and success of your business rely on many factors – some are not under your control – but for those that are, take action and make the best business decisions you can for successful New Year in 2011.

Make the people you interface with every day feel important!

The approaching New Year gives you the perfect opportunity to reassess what you accomplished during the past year and what changes or improvements you want to make in the coming year. Don’t overlook the obvious areas that will make the biggest difference.

People are the Number One factor that can make or break your business.

Reach out to your Customers. A New Year gives you a chance to find new business opportunities – but don’t forget about your past and current customers. The old song “Make new friends, but keep the old… One is Silver and the other Gold” comes to mind. Of course you want to cultivate new business, but keep in mind that customers you have already done business with in the past can be cultivated into repeat business. Reach out to them and show that you appreciate their past business by offering them something new to garner their repeat business. Let them know how important they are to your business.

Review your Customer Service efficiency. Do you have callers waiting on hold listening to ‘elevator music’ while they wait to speak to someone? Are their calls being lost in the shuffle waiting for the next available representative to pick up? iTeleCenter has the perfect solution for small call centers with Automatic Call Distribution. Not only will your callers be routed efficiently to the next available representative, but you can use their time on hold to educate them about your products and services by using a professionally recorded message that you create.

Meet with your Employees. Let them know they are valued and an integral part of the business. If you gave them an end of year bonus, that’s great and certainly appreciated in this tough economy! But take it a step further – sit down and talk with each employee – nothing makes an employee feel better than hearing directly from their boss that they are doing a great job and they are appreciated. Ask for their input – make your employees feel that their presence and ideas are valued. Nothing kick starts the year better than an involved employee who is excited to help make this the best year ever!


Present a big city image – get a local Los Angeles phone number

You can establish a local presence in a large city like Los Angeles and make your business a local call to over 3.8 million people. When people seek products or services, they tend to “go local.” Whether you just need one or several Los Angeles phone numbers, they’re going to put you in front of millions of potential customers in the Los Angeles market.

Your iTeleCenter virtual phone system lets you conduct business transparently as if you’re physically located in LA – but you can actually be anywhere! You can use simple call forwarding to your mobile or land line and your LA telephone number makes it a lot easier for customers to reach you. It gives you instant local credibility.

LA Telephone Numbers are available from iTeleCenter for personal or business use.  You can get a number instantly and start publishing and promoting your Los Angeles number today. It’ll help you grab a larger share of leads and business. Plus you can manage your number online.  In just minutes you can setup smart features such as call forwarding and instant notifications and more.

Plus you can turn your iPhone into your Mobile LA Office! Apps run in the background and notify you via instant message alerts.  You can access your messages with one touch to listen, save, or delete. Place an outbound call with your iTeleCenter Caller ID and protect the privacy of your cell phone number! Accept your calls anonymously from anywhere while enjoying local presence  with your Los Angeles phone number.

Wish you could block repeat calls from time wasters?

We’ve all experienced it – that annoying caller who regularly wastes our time. I’m not talking about the occasional wrong number – I’m referring to the repeat callers. Whether they mis-dial or have some issue that we just can’t help them with, it takes our time away from running a business when we stop to answer the phone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to block those calls?

With iTeleCenter, you can! There is a feature that allows you to block calls. You can block ANY number from calling you.  Enter a specific number into your call block list and never again receive a call from them.

You can even block calls from entire area codes. If you do business in a specific area of the state or country and do not want to receive calls from certain areas, simply add the area codes you want to block calls from. And if you do have specific callers within those blocked area codes that you want to connect with, simply add them to the blocked area code exclusion list.

iTeleCenter makes it easy to manage the calls you want and block the calls you don’t!