Office phone system for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Setup an office phone system for your business in minutes. Make and receive calls and texts from anywhere.

😊 The modern office phone system

No more being glued to your desks

With mobile and web apps, you can communicate and work from anywhere: home, office or from your summer cabin.

Save big

Virtual office phone systems can cut down your phone bill by more than half of what it is right now and require no maintenance.

Phone features that come along

An office PBX is loaded with features – custom greetings, call forwarding, texting, conference calling, extensions, call reporting, and more.

Setup in minutes

Setting up a traditional phone system can be labor intensive and time-consuming, whereas a virtual PBX can be set up in minutes.

💨 Easy as 1,2,3 ...

Pick your number
Choose from local, toll-free and vanity numbers or transfer yours over.
Select a plan
3 plans – choose one that works for you. Cancel anytime.
Download our apps
Download our iOS and Android app or access iTeleCenter through your browser. 
Good to go
We’ll help you configure your settings and set up your office phone system right away.

🔮 Features that fit right in

Call forwarding
Business texting
Phone extensions
Business voicemail
Virtual receptionist
Call recording
Voicemail transcription
iOS and Android app
Business hours
Call reporting
Custom greetings
Conference calling

🙋 Frequently asked questions

Remote work has completely changed how businesses communicate. A virtual office phone system removes the physical limitations of you and your team being tied to your desk. From attending customer service calls to coordinating with team members and working remotely, you’ll need a virtual small office phone system to manage all your business communications seamlessly.

Of course. With iTeleCenter’s iOS and Android mobile app, you can manage your business communications from anywhere.

It varies as per the plan you opt for. View our pricing and plans to get a better idea.

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