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What Is an Office Phone System?

Remote work has completely changed how businesses communicate. If you want to future-proof your company's communication system, opting for a virtual office phone system is the way to go.
A virtual office phone system removes the physical limitations of you and your team being tied to your desk. From attending customer service calls to coordinating with team members and working remotely, you’ll need a virtual office phone system to manage all your business communications seamlessly.
Small to medium scale businesses can significantly benefit from an office phone system. It comes with tons of notable features, such as auto-attendant, voicemail, call forwarding, call queuing, business texting, online faxing, and more.

Get an Office Phone System in 4 Easy Steps

Step -1

Choose a toll free, local, or vanity number from our large inventory.
Search a Toll Free and Local Phone Numbers

Step -2

Choose a plan that suits you. No long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.
Pricing and Plans

Step -3

Download our mobile apps (iOS/Android) or access iTeleCenter through any browser and have everything at your fingertips. Make and receive calls, texts, and more!

Step -4

We'll help you configure your settings and set up your office phone system to work exactly the way you want!
Set up your Office Phone Number

Why Get an Office Phone System?


Office phone systems are much cheaper, easier on the wallet and require lesser maintenance than traditional phone systems. It can cut down your phone bill by more than half of what it is right now. Save dough while scaling your business!

Enables Mobility

Forget about being glued to your desks all day long. Office phone systems enable mobility. You can communicate and collaborate even when on a business trip, off-site or anywhere away from the office. You and your team can essentially work from anywhere.

Extensive Additional Features:

Unlike traditional phone systems, a virtual office phone system is packed with tons of extra features that keep your business’ productivity high. Extensive features such as custom greetings, call forwarding, call conferencing, multiple extensions and voicemails, etc. boost operational efficiency.

Faster Implementation and Setup

Setting up a traditional phone system can be labor-intensive and time-consuming! With iTeleCenter, you can set up your virtual office phone system in minutes and expand your business at any point.

A Professional Phone System Built for Organizations of Any Size

With an office phone system from iTeleCenter, manage your business calls and texts seamlessly with these great features:

Custom Greeting

A custom greeting will answer all of your calls professionally. Give your small business a larger and more professional appearance.

Configurable Business Hours

Choose when you want to accept business calls. After hours, calls are forwarded to your professional business voicemail.


Make it easy for callers to reach the right person at your business.  Easily add department & employee extensions in seconds.

Call Queues

With call queues, multiple callers can be in a holding queue simultaneously and be automatically connected to the next available agent in that department or group. See in real-time how many callers are holding and access detailed reports that show agent calls, average call length, and more.

Call forwarding

Forward calls to any mobile phone or computer.  Optionally, configure your office phone system to ring multiple devices at once to ensure you never miss an important call again! 

Business Texting 

Business Texting allows you to conveniently send and receive text messages to your customer. Send unlimited text messages about appointments confirmations, updates, specials and so on.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Download our mobile and desktop apps and handle business anywhere, anytime: office, home and on the road

Voicemail Transcription to Text

Save time and convert your voicemails to text so you can read them on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I manage a virtual office phone system with my cell phone?

    Of course! With iTeleCenter's mobile app (iOS/Android), you can manage your business communications from anywhere.

  • Does your service require a minimum term commitment?

    No, you can cancel your service at any time. Contact us to cancel your service.

  • How much does it cost to set up an office phone system?

    It varies as per the plan you opt for and the number of minutes you use per month. Click here to view the plans.

  • How long does it take to set up an office phone system?

    You can be up and running in minutes! You can sign up for our service instantly, and we'll help you configure your settings and set up your office phone system to work exactly the way you want!

  • Do I need any hardware to use a virtual office phone system?

    No, all you need to have to use an office phone system is a smartphone/desktop and an internet connection. 

  • I have other questions. How can you help?

    If you have additional questions, we’re all ears!
    Click here to contact our support and sales team. 

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