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Local Numbers create a virtual local presence for your business

Do you know why you should get a local number for your business?

At one time most subscribers were only interested in toll free numbers. While the internet has enabled companies to be more global, 800 toll free numbers cannot be reached from most places outside of the US and Canada. Enter the local number --- it can be dialed from anywhere. While it is not toll free to the caller, it still enables callers to reach you. Often times, just seeing a number on a website that the visitor can call is enough. They may never call, but it instills confidence that you are reachable.

If you have an online business and want to increase sales to specific geographic area in the US, a local number in that area can be an additional boost. Many subscribers trying to break into the huge New York metro area will get a number in the highly coveted 212 area code --- the original area code of New York City. These numbers go a long way to demonstrate stability and credibility.

Local numbers are for sale in most highly populated areas in the US

We offer thousands of numbers across the United States. They are available in most of the 50 states in more densely populated areas. If you already know where you want a local number, chances are you’ll have no problem finding it on our website. If you’re unsure, you can browse through our list of available numbers. Pick a state, and see which cities have available numbers. It’s important to note that we are constantly replenishing our inventory. If you do not see the area code or city you are looking for, let us know and we’ll look into it for you.

Learn how easy it is to get a local phone number for your business

Simply pick the local number and monthly plan, and you’re on your way. The search steps to find the right number is extremely quick and easy. Simply select a state from the drop-down list and you’ll see the list of available area code/city combinations. Note that some cities have multiple are codes – if you know which are the more recognizable ones, you should opt for one of those. Manhattan 212 numbers are much more sought after than the newer 646 area code.

Keep in mind that it may be to your advantage to have both a toll free/800 and a local number. We offer plans that include multiple numbers that share monthly minutes. You can sign up for a local number and then add a toll free or 800 to the same plan.

We offer the most well-known and popular choices of area codes in the US:

New York City – 212

Los Angeles – 310, 424

Houston - 713, 832

Chicago - 773, 312

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