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Things an Entrepreneur Should Know Before Switching to a Virtual Phone

No matter whether you are just starting out or expanding an already established business, your business phone system needs to be upgraded to match the changed business needs. An entrepreneur has two options – he can either continue working with his current service or he can be a little adventurous and try a new service for his business communication.

Why a Virtual Phone Service is the Right Answer to the Needs of CIOs

As more companies move to support their growing number of mobile workers, many are looking for ways that can help save money and also deliver advanced communication solutions. A virtual phone service can go a long way in achieving this goal. A virtual phone has all the features and benefits of a PBX system sans its physical existence and cost. It exists virtually and works with any phone connection – cell phone, home phone or office phone.

A virtual phone provides businesses with such advanced features as call forwarding, voicemail, auto attendant, do not disturb and virtual fax (Purchase of dedicated fax-only number required). It, in fact, allows businesses to enjoy all these services and more using a single phone system.

The Rise and Development of 800 Numbers

With the passing years there has been a change in the nature and characteristics of toll free numbers. This article discusses the evolution of 800 numbers, their different forms and also their changing characteristics.

Virtual PBX - Overview

What is a Virtual PBX? Traditional PBX systems are being replaced with more affordable, feature-rich Virtual PBX systems. They handle your calls 24/7 without the need for a receptionist.

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