Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number from iTeleCenter establishes your presence everywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Choose a local or toll free number from iTeleCenter’s list of virtual numbers and step into the next generation of business communication systems. With a virtual phone number you can answer your calls on your existing cell phone, residential phone, office phone or any phone of your choice. You can use your virtual phone number to send and receive fax, transfer calls to your team members (wherever they are), have your auto attendant answer and route your calls and take advantage of the many other advanced features.

A virtual phone number has many advantages. It makes your business look bigger and creates your presence everywhere – virtually. Are you worried about missing those valuable customer calls? Use a virtual phone number to forward your calls to your cell phone, office phone, residential phone or any other number of your choice. Want to look professional? Use a virtual phone number from iTeleCenter. It makes your business look professional and credible.

A virtual phone number from iTeleCenter effectively connects you with your colleagues and employees. With this number you can direct the flow of your business to just one number and then distribute the calls to extensions for employees or departments. A virtual number helps you provide your customers the convenience of calling a toll free number or a local number.

A virtual phone number from iTeleCenter is easy to use. It needs no installation, no hardware or software. You do not even need dedicated phone connections. It can be used with any of your existing phone connections.

iTeleCenter provides you the best virtual phone number at a most competitive price. Choose any phone number from our vast list of virtual numbers and start using it today. You will see the difference it makes to your business. It keeps you connected – always.

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