Vanity 800 Numbers

Vanity 800 numbers are the most sought after type of toll free telephone numbers available. Because of the high demand, these phone numbers are also the hardest to find and typically the most expensive. Is a vanity 1-800 number the right choice for you?

Advantages of Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are a very effective marketing tool that requires just a small investment and a bit of creativity. With the right number, your customers will never forget how to get in touch with you. Vanity numbers also have a big impact when they’re used on marketing materials. It’s much more likely that a person will remember a personalized phone number over a standard number composed of random digits.

Why a True 800 Vanity Number?

When toll free numbers first became popular, the only prefix available was 1-800. Even today, with so many different prefixes in use, many people still refer to toll free numbers as 800 numbers. Vanity 800 numbers combine the impression that a personalized business phone number can leave with the status of a true 800 number for a telephone number that no one will forget.

How to Choose a Number

Choosing a memorable vanity number requires a little thought. Words or letter combinations that relate to your business are traditionally considered to be the best option, but simple number sequences are becoming increasingly popular since modern consumers use a variety of keypads and not all use the traditional lettering layout. Because of their popularity, true 800 vanity numbers are becoming more and more limited.

What If My Number Isn’t Available?

iTeleCenter offers several toll free prefixes to ensure that your business gets the phone number that will have the most impact on your profits. While true 800 numbers offer very limited choices for personalization, there are still plenty of vanity numbers available with other toll free prefixes that are becoming just as

numbers that haven’t been claimed.

Whether your small business needs a versatile communication system that supports a local business line or a toll free number service with a full line of features, iTeleCenter has a plan that is sure to meet your needs. With our vanity 800 numbers, your business can have a virtual phone system that meets all of your needs, along with a highly effective marketing tool, in one convenient, trouble free package.

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