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Forward Calls with iTeleCenter

Work from Anywhere – No Missed Phone Calls!

Call Forwarding

Forward Calls with iTeleCenter to get 10x more power than the call redirect feature provided with your home or mobile service provider. You’re connected to your business like a surgeon on call with iTeleCenter call diversion!

Divert Calls and leverage Follow-Me Find-Me to locate you at up to three phone numbers you provide. You can set days of the week and available hours for each number and customize exactly where and how you want to be reached. Set it up to forward call to cell phone as your first choice and to your home phone as a second option. If you’re busy, use the Do Not Disturb Mode until you’re available again!

If you’re advertising, let callers hear a brief sales pitch and then prompt them to call forward live by just pressing zero. Call Forwarding has a Call Screen and Announce feature that you can turn on or off which prompts callers to identify themselves and gives you total control of how you handle your calls.

Sets Up in Minutes ● No Hardware to Buy ● No Software to DownloadUse with Any Existing Phone or Line

TeleFriend is a rewards program for non-affiliates who refer others to iTeleCenter.

By referring three other customers who have an equal or better package than yourself, your own service is FREE!

That’s not three new customers every month – just three who subscribe and stay on the service.