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💼 More than just numbers

People remember them

Vanity numbers have a powerful brand recall making your phone number and business more memorable. If you’re number is memorable, they wouldn’t even have to scour the internet.

For example, if you’re running a pet care business, having numbers like 1-833-NYC-WOOF or 1-866-JEN-PUPS would almost always ensure they instantly remember you and your brand.

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See an increase in the number of calls

Ever wondered why some big businesses have always stuck with vanity numbers? Simply because it works!

Companies with a vanity number are more likely to get a bigger slice of the pie than those using a traditional number. The easier your number is to recall, the more incoming calls. Studies have shown a 60% improvement in recall rate for a vanity number compared to a generic phone number.

They double as marketing tools

Have you ever come across businesses printing their phone number and company logo on their vehicles? We’re sure you have. They do so because the name and number sometimes stick when people look at them.

Additionally, you can also use a specific vanity phone number per marketing channel, website, print, radio, etc., this will help you pinpoint what strategies are most effective to generate the best results from your advertising.

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Affordable asset for advertising

Despite common misconceptions, vanity numbers are affordable and they’re worth every penny and more. Use our vanity number lookup tool, make a one-time purchase that reaps the rewards as long as you own it.

Creates a branded experience

Vanity phone numbers create a more distinctly-branded experience.

How much more branded it could get than having a phone number like “1-866-NEW-ROOM” if you’re running an interior designing firm? These numbers make sure your brand is memorable from all aspects – your ads, logo, website, etc.

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Go global

It’s the era of virtual phone systems. Use vanity numbers as virtual phone numbers, forward customer service calls to other areas of the globe and deliver seamless customer all day and all night.

👌 How to find the perfect vanity number for your business

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Use our vanity 800 number search tool
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Choose your preferred prefix besides the vanity number generator tool – 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833.
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Step 3

Enter the keywords associated with the main product you sell, your business name, or any clever combination that is associated and recognizable to your business. The vanity phone number search tool will look for available numbers that match your selected keywords.

For example, let’s say you own a pizzeria, If you have 1-866-BOBS- PIZZA as your number, they instantly know your name and what you do.

🔮 Phone system features that compliment vanity numbers

Call forwarding

Deliver exceptional customer service by being accessible all the time. With call forwarding in place, you, your team, sales reps, and other staff can effortlessly attend calls anytime, from any location.

Business texting

Send text messages about alerts, appointment confirmations, updates, specials, etc. and keep your customers posted.

VoIP + Wi-Fi calling

Make and receive calls using your internet connection. VoIP + Wi-Fi calling is significantly cheaper when compared to calls placed on traditional phone systems.

Custom greetings

Deliver a better experience for your customer by personalizing your greetings, providing clear menu options and sharing company information. Give your business a professional appearance and save on labor costs.

Voicemail transcription

Don’t have the time to listen to an entire voicemail message? Get voicemail transcripts via email, quickly skim through messages and reply to the ones that are important.

Automatic call distribution

Automatically route incoming calls to the best staff or department based on preset conditions. Fewer escalations + faster call response = happier customers.

iOS and Android apps

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer and stay connected. You and your teams can make and receive calls, texts, check voicemails, and more.

🤗 People are talking

🙋 Frequently asked questions

A vanity number is a series of numbers that spells out a word or phrase. (Example, 1-800-GETPIZZA or 1-800-555-GOLF).

Additionally, there are vanity phone numbers that consist of a sequence of catchy and easy to recall. (Example, 1-800-999-5000 or 1-800-123-1234).

Of course.

Yes. We would be happy to help you port your existing phone number to iTeleCenter. Our concierge porting service will handle most of the steps for you.

Absolutely. You can buy as many vanity toll-free phone numbers as you like. In fact, many of our clients’ sign up for multiple numbers to track their advertising or give a phone number to each employee or department.

If the vanity number you’re searching looking for is unavailable, search for the same with a different prefix like 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888. They are just as good as the vanity phone numbers that start with the prefix 1-800.  


  • Easy-to-recall
  • Stands out from the rest
  • Drives more traffic
  • Increases sales

Yes. Use our vanity number generator tool that lists tens of thousands of available vanity numbers for each prefix.

You get a vanity phone number(s) free of cost when you sign up for our service.

Of course! Under the FCC rules, the number legally belongs to you.

We’re all ears! Contact our support team.

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