Is 888 toll free? Yes, get yours today

888 toll free numbers work just like other 800 toll-free numbers. Search for unique 888 numbers at iTeleCenter.

Is 888 a toll free number? Are 888 toll free numbers the same as other 800 numbers? Yes.

888 toll free numbers work exactly the same as other 1-800 number. There’s no difference except the way they look. If you want a unique toll-free prefix

and memorable vanity number, then 888 area code toll free number is a good choice.

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✨ 888 numbers – what you need to know

Are 888 numbers toll free and what’s the difference between 888 and 1-800 numbers?

Yes, 888 is a toll free number. They work the same as their counterparts – 800, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 numbers. The only difference is the way they look.

Which year were the toll free prefixes released?

800 toll free numbers have been around since the 60’s, but almost every combination is off the shelf. Hence, the FCC released other prefixes – 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

Let’s take a look at the year each toll-free number were released,

Toll-free numbers Year
800 1967
888 1996
877 1998
866 1999
855 2010
844 2013
833 2017
Can I get an 888 number on my cell phone with iTeleCenter?

Of course. 888 toll free numbers are cheap, and you can forward calls and texts to any cell phone. Instantly purchase a 1-888 phone number and ring it to any of your existing cell phones.

Can I get the latest toll free numbers in the market?

FCC released 833 numbers in the summer of 2017, and we’ve got a truckload of 833 phone numbers for you to choose from.

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