1-800 numbers for cell phone

Get a 1800 number for your cell phone and start making and receiving calls today.

Worrying about shelling out cash on hardware and maintenance is long gone.

With a virtual phone system, you can get a 1-800 number that forwards all your calls straight to your cell phone.

It doesn’t matter what kind of cell phone you’re using – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Boost Mobile, smartphone or a flip-phone. You can make and receive calls and texts from any device such as your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

When you make calls, your virtual phone number will display as the caller ID, keeping your mobile phone number private. You can now manage your communications no matter where they are.

✨ Everything you need to know

Toll-free numbers are cheap

For as little as $19.95, you can sign up for a 1-800 phone number and ring it to any of your existing phones.

Sign up, pick an 1800 number, download our smartphone apps and you’re good to go.

Professional image

Maintaining a professional image across all your communications is key to business success.

Displaying a 1-800 phone number on your website and advertisements looks more professional than using a local telephone number. Also, when you set up custom greetings, the first thing your customer notices is that you’re a well-established organization.

For instance, when your customer hears

“Thank you for calling Paul Consulting…Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support”.

They know that you’re running an established business. You don’t get the same when you’re using a local phone number or your personal phone number.

🔮 Features

Web and mobile app

Stuck at desks, no more.

iTeleCenter’s desktop and mobile apps, you can access your phone system from anywhere. All your business communications in one simple app. Send and receive calls, texts, check voicemail messages, call history and more.

Online fax

No more fax machines, paper or ink.

Send and receive faxes from anywhere and from any device – respond quickly to business faxes no matter where you are. Incoming faxes are converted into PDF and delivered to your inbox. Easily view, share, and print faxes at your convenience.

Business texting

You don’t want to be lost and disorganized by using your personal number now, do you?

Send and receive text messages to your customers from your business phone number. This lets you text your customers and employees from your business phone number rather than your personal number. 

Call forwarding

Never miss another call.

Forward incoming calls to multiple phones or people at once to ensure that your call is always answered. If your primary number is busy, out of coverage or switched off, then having this feature ensures you never miss out on calls.

Voicemail transcription

Skim through important calls and messages, wherever you are.

Quickly take a look at the transcribed text and decide If the voicemail is urgent or not. Read the transcribed calls and messages on your smartphone, tablet or laptop on the go.

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