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Three Simple Steps to Get Your New Toll Free Number

If you have decided that a toll free number is the right choice for your business, then you will be very glad to know that there are only three simple steps required for getting everything set up. In as little as 15 minutes, you can start accepting calls from potential and existing customers and it takes just a few minutes of your time to get things set up.

Step One – Pick Your New Number

The first step in the process involves choosing the toll free number that will work best for you. You can choose a standard one, a true 800 number, a vanity number, or even a local number. The good news is that you can always add more to your account at any time, and you can start advertising the one you choose in just a matter of minutes. The activation is instant, and there is never anything for you to have to install. You can choose to answer your new number on a landline, on your cellphone, or even on your internet-based telephone from your VoIP provider.

Step Two – Choose the Best Package for Your Needs

The second step in getting your toll free number is also simple; all you have to do is choose the package that best fits the needs of your business. For example, you can take advantage of the pay-as-you-go option that will allow you one phone number with up to three extensions and a low per-minute rate. If you need more, you can consider a larger package that comes with as many as 5000 minutes, four different phone numbers, unlimited extensions, and all of the features you could ever need. These include things such as call capture, call forwarding, auto attendant, call recording, voice mailboxes, caller ID that cannot be blocked, and even the ability to send faxes online to save you time and money.

Step Three – Provide Your Information

Finally, once you have chosen your toll free number and you are ready to get started, you will need to provide some basic information in order to get things going. Things like your name, address, phone number and billing address are necessary, and you can even pay for the package you have selected online to make things as hassle-free as possible. Remember that there should never be any long-term contracts to sign and that you should be able to terminate your service at any time. What’s more, if you decide that you want to switch providers, your number is portable and you can take it with you wherever you happen to go. It truly is that easy to get started.

If you are still considering whether a toll free number is best for you and your business needs, why not take advantage of a free trial offer? With iTeleCenter, you can get 14 days to try out all of the included features. If you decide to keep the service, don’t do anything and you’ll be charged at the end of the trial period. After the trial, you can cancel at any time.

Don’t Forget How New York Phone Numbers Can Help Get More Local Business

Time for a quick friendly reminder about using Local Numbers in major cities around the country to help build local business.

We know how important a toll free number is in establishing your business’s credibility and giving you the big business image you need. But don’t lose sight of the local business you could be missing out on by not using a local number in a big city.

By advertising New York phone numbers or Chicago phone numbers, you can grab some of the big city local business without stepping foot there. Add a local phone number to your iTeleCenter service and start advertising locally in that city.

We currently have numbers available in New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Phoenix. We even have some of those hard to find area codes that local businesses are dying to get. Why not get local numbers in all of these cities and watch your business grow!

Is it better to advertise your business’s toll free number or local number?

Do you ever wonder whether you should publish your company’s local number or toll free number? There are several things to consider when making this decision.  What is your target audience?  Do you primarily rely on local customers or are you trying to create a national or even an international presence? Do you want your customers to remember your phone number?

If you are looking for local customers in your geographic location, advertising your local number may help them choose you over your competition because they can identify with a number that looks local to them. If you are going for an international presence, you should also use your local number when advertising. Some people do not realize that most US toll free numbers cannot be accessed outside of the US and Canada.

If you are reaching out to the general US and Canadian customer base, you should use your toll free number. Your toll free number gives you a bigger business look which might appeal to a broader customer base.  Even better, you should advertise your toll free vanity number. After all, you got a vanity number to make it easier for customers to remember your number.

Your best bet is to have a local number (or several local numbers in mutiple cities) as well as a toll free number – preferably a toll free vanity number to make it easy for people to remember you. iTeleCenter offers plans that allows you to select up to 4 numbers that can share a pool of included minutes. You can get a local number in Los Angeles, a different local number in New York, an 800 number and a toll free vanity number that ‘spells’ something easy for your customers to remember – all included in one package for one monthly fee!

You can use multiple numbers with iTeleCenter and have them all forward to the same mobile phone number or landline.