Showcase Your Glowing Testimonials with iTeleCenter

Testimonials are an important ingredient to business success, regardless of what kind of
business you are involved in. You could spend every penny of your marketing budget and say anything and everything that you want to about your business, the products you carry, and even your mission statement or community works, but when it comes to choosing a company with whom to purchase from, consumers want to hear the word of other customers. They want to hear about their impressions and experiences.

That’s why many consumers today rely on testimonials in their decision-making process. It’s one thing to have those valuable testimonials written and posted on your company’s website; there are far too many that are being created throughout the world that are not exactly truthful. Step up and stand out from the competition with audio testimonials thanks to iTeleCenter.

Capture Testimonials Anytime Day or Night

With iTeleCenter, your customers can call into your designated phone number and extension to leave their glowing and heartfelt observations about your business anytime of the day or night. With iTeleCenter’s easy-to-use features, all they need to do is leave their impressions on the recording, letting potential future customers know about their positive experience and anything they would like to share about your incredible business.

Your paying customers chose your business for a reason and if you fulfill your end of the implied agreement and deliver exceptional service and/or products (ideally both), then these consumers are going to want to share that experience with others. Writing testimonials can sometimes seem like a chore to many individuals, which is what makes the iTeleCenter’s method of recording and playing back these words of praise convenient, easy, and perfect.

Publish and Control These Testimonials at Your Discretion

When you spend any amount of time on the Internet searching for other businesses, you will likely come across review-style sites. These can be a great way for some businesses to highlight their customer service, location, or products, but they will only show up in a search if a customer decides to seek them out. When you spend time marketing your business, you want to direct them to a simple to use and easy to find reference source where they can discover what other people thought about you and your business.

The more satisfied customers who call in and leave positive feedback, the more you can control the best ones to share. While many of the calls will likely be glowing, there are some customers who simply have a knack for getting the point across eloquently. These are the testimonials that you should focus on and with iTeleCenter’s control options, it is simple to manage them all.

You can publish the extension on advertisements and other marketing strategies, and you can even use different extensions, which will use different testimonials, to target various aspects of your business. For instance, you may sell winter sporting products as well as summer ones. If you have a host of testimonials specifically focused on the winter sports, organize them in that manner and when someone sees your ad and calls the number,  they’ll hear the glowing praise that pertains to the activities they find most interesting.

Testimonials can be the boost that your business needs to increase sales, thanks to iTeleCenter.