Place a Click to Call Button on your Website

Have you ever visited a website, gotten excited about the product or opportunity while on the site, written down a contact number and then completely forgotten about it once you close your browser? This happens regularly to thousands of website visitors.

Now imagine this… You’re on a website, something attracts your interest and you see a click to call button right there on the site while you are actively engaged in the site’s presentation. You click the button, enter your phone number and about 8 seconds later your phone rings! You are instantly connected to a website representative who can answer all of your questions while you are still on their site! Sounds great if you’re the site visitor, right?

Now turn that around and imagine the click to call button is on YOUR company’s website. Now you get the benefit of being able to speak to any site visitor that decides to click that button and learn more about your products or opportunity. It’s all done via your iTeleCenter number. Whatever call forwarding settings you have on your account will be followed for these calls as well. Someone visits your site, engages the click to call button, enters their number, and the call connects you right to them. You are now speaking to someone actively engaged on your website. Couldn’t be easier.

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