Get Updated Technology to Improve Communication with your Customers

Review your Phone Service. Are you paying too much for a toll free line? Understand your options. There are several Virtual Phone Systems available at very low monthly fees. They allow you to get toll free and/or local numbers in just about any US city for less than what you are paying your local or long distance provider. iTeleCenter is one virtual phone system that allows you to bundle a mix of up to 4 local and toll free numbers into a package with one low monthly fee. For example, you can get a toll free 800 number, a local number in Los Angeles, a local number in New York City, and a fourth number in Miami all for the same low price. All of these numbers can be tied to your local office number or even your personal cell phone so calls forward directly to you. Advertise each number in different areas to present a larger presence.

Were you planning to replace your outdated fax machine? During your Phone Service review, you read about iTeleCenter – you can use any iTeleCenter number to send and receive faxes – you no longer need a dedicated phone line OR a fax machine. Your faxes can easily be viewed online and printed right from your computer. Your customers can even call in and get information faxed directly back to them.  This allows you to get information into your customers’ hands quickly and efficiently. 

Review your Internet Presence. Most people looking for a new product or service will check out the Internet first. Make sure your website content is up to date. The information about your products as well as pricing must be current. Make sure you make it easy for visitors to contact you. Of course you want to list your company phone number, email address, and street address (when doing business locally). The problem is that most people will jot down the number from a website meaning to call you later – except they forget where they put that piece of paper. They go back and search again – only this time maybe they spot a different website!  Imagine if the first time they landed on your website all they had to do was click a button to place a call to you. With iTeleCenter’s click to call they can. They simply click this button on your website, enter their phone number, and iTeleCenter will call you and immediately connect you to their number – as simple as that!

Implementing any or all of these suggestions will greatly improve communication with your customers.


  1. I was going to replace my fax machine, but now I don’t need to. I can use iTeleCenter to send and receive my faxes. I can just print them out if I need a paper copy.

  2. My partner and I started a company and we both work out of our home and our Virtual PBX service helped us sound more professional and enabled us to provide 1 phone number to our clients that connected the both of us. It was extremely cost effective and really easy to setup. We have been using iTeleCenter for a few years and we have been very happy with the service.

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