Do You Need an Auto Attendant For Your Business?

Why you need an auto attendant? Does it really make any difference to your business? Is it a better option than hiring a receptionist?  If you are still stuck with these questions then this write up is especially meant for you.

Automated Receptionist

The auto attendant is a flexible, powerful front office tool that acts like an automated receptionist for your customers. When a customer calls your office, he is received by an auto attendant. It greets your caller and routes him to the right person or department of his choice. This automated receptionist works 24×7 and completely eliminates the need for hiring a receptionist. This can have a considerable influence on your business because it helps your business to operate within strict financial boundaries.

Always Available

If you want to make your business big, you have to operate 24×7 because customers are no longer limited by geographical boundaries or timelines. Using a toll free number further enhances this. You can receive queries from your customers 24 hours a day and you need somebody to answer their calls and route them properly.  The role of an auto attendant becomes particularly pertinent in such scenarios.

Professional Voice Over

You can prepare the script of the welcome message of the auto attendant and can also record it. Alternatively you can also hire a professional for the voice over. Hiring a professional will make your greetings sound more professional.  You actually get the best of both the worlds – a professional will answer your customers all the time and that too within your budget. Now isn’t this incredible! You can also customize your greeting and message according to seasons and festivals or whenever there is a need.

Easy Instructions

Keep the instructions of your auto attendant simple so it will be easier for your customers to follow them.  For example, “Welcome to ABC Company. Press 1 for Sales 2 for Customer Service…0 to speak directly.”  This is the most popular format of any automated attendant and people are generally accustomed to this format. Using something different can confuse your customers.

So if you want your business to benefit from this special feature of a virtual phone system, use it in the most popular way. An auto attendant can help your business grow in more than one way. It is affordable and yet effective. It works round the clock attending your customers and routing them the right way.

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